Secular Invocation in Orlando Gives Thanks to the “Thankless”

Aug 11, 2017

By Hemant Mehta

Yesterday afternoon, David Williamson delivered a secular invocation during a meeting of the Orlando City Council in Florida. There was no mention of God, yet I think even religious people would be hard-pressed to find fault with anything he said:

Good afternoon Mr. Mayor, Commissioners, and Staff.

I was thrilled to learn you proclaimed yesterday Equality Florida Day in celebration of their two decades of social justice work on behalf of LGBTQ Floridians. Congratulations to the volunteers, staff and my fellow supporters of Equality Florida, and to everyone in the city who has made concerted efforts toward full equality. For it is ONLY when we are treated equally by our government, by public charities, and by public accommodations, that we can truly achieve a greatness that can be measured by all.

It’s my honor today to join the city with its continuing efforts at inclusion by offering a secular invocation.

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