Violent White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville Leads to State of Emergency

Aug 14, 2017

By David G. McAfee

As I’m writing, the “Unite the Right” rally is beginning in Charlottesville. The event is just starting, but already Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has declared a state of emergency in response to violent outbursts.

The rally has also been dubbed an “unlawful assembly.”

The city of Charlottesville has declared Saturday’s gathering at Emancipation Park — site of the scheduled “Unite the Right” rally” of white nationalists and right-wing protesters — an unlawful assembly. Police officers are speaking on bullhorns, directing people to leave the park… City officials also declared a local emergency, which will allow officials to request additional resources, if needed, to respond.

Why all the drama? These are just peaceful protesters, right? No. According to the Washington Post:

Hours before a noon rally was set to begin Saturday, violent skirmishes broke out between bands of white supremacists and counterprotesters who have converged on this college town around the issue of a Confederate statue.

Men in combat gear, some w[e]aring bicycle and motorcycle helmets and carrying clubs and sticks and makeshift shields fought each other in the downtown streets, with little apparent police interference. Both sides sprayed each other with chemical irritants and plastic bottles were hurled through the air.

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58 comments on “Violent White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville Leads to State of Emergency

  • White supremacist rally is planned for Boston next Saturday the 19th. Also, our Holocaust memorial was just smashed to smithereens (It’s made out of mostly glass). Not good.

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  • Laurie, sorrow,,,,,,,I’m waiting for some KKK nutball to smash me……I started wearing my hunting knife in plain view,.
    This is the first time in thirty years I have considered buying a firearm.
    Now I’m looking at everybody in the grocery store.
    So for the good news.I had a KKK kid move in next house down. Well, the KKK tattoo with the human attached is moving. The house he was renting is sold.

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  • Laurie, Be careful. Please. Take a motorcycle helmet or a bicycle helmet just in case. A napsack will provide impact protection.
    And a container of milk for your eyes in case of gas.
    I would have been at the Seattle protest but I can barely lift my right arm most of the time.
    They will try this in my town, (Seattle is three hours away) and I will be there, in my wheelchair.
    This isn’t your typical protest. They vowed to escalate.
    I felt like shit when I read this white 28 year old woman has had her life ended by this garbage.
    She wasn’t even protesting for herself directly.
    These animals are regrouping and they will get worse and more violent. This is their chance they have been waiting for so long.
    Hope Boston is OK. I hope the residents will come out in force to stop them from tearing up the city.
    Now, I am going to worry until Saturday night. You better be here to let us know you are Ok.

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  • Laurie, I am shocked beyond words.

    Nothing else I have read has brought home to me as powerfully as your comment at #1 that Charlottesville was not a one-off but just the start of a movement with real momentum behind it. Nothing else I’ve read has left me so deeply worried about where the US is headed. Or even where it is already.

    Boston? Isn’t that meant to be one of the most open, forward-looking, educated and sane areas of the US? When people talk of the US being, at heart, two countries, the enlightened north and the deeply regressive south, isn’t Boston normally firmly in the northern camp – and not just because of its geography?

    Kudos to you for planning to be part of the counter-demonstration. It couldn’t be more important or more urgent. But please stay alert and take care. I think Alf is right: things are going to get more and more violent – it’s part of the fascist game plan. So yes, like he says: please drop a note in here afterwards to let us know you’re ok.

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  • Marco

    Don’t worry, I won’t be in the thick of things on Saturday. I do realize my limitations these days. I’m no match for angry young men (and some angry white women) who are on the march with weapons. Boston Common is a big piece of land and there’s plenty of high ground from which to observe the goings on. I will not enter the fray.

    Massachusetts is a solidly blue state but there were many signs out during the last election that declared the homeowners for Trump. My own brother and his wife and kids all voted for Trump. My next door neighbors are Trump voters and jingoist nationalists in general. etc. See how this goes?

    Also, on certain political issues, we can be sure that the RCC here will exert itself strongly to sway their congregations on how they vote. That church is very strong here in Boston due to the past waves of immigrants that we have settled here – namely the Irish and Italian groups that have stuck close to their church no matter what evil that church has got up to in the present and the past.

    The other factor at work here is the past and present racism in this city. The south is notorious for it’s plantation economy built on the backs of slaves but the north is not blameless and pure in this regard. Plenty of slavery existed in the north but in a different pattern. Agricultural families often had several slaves working on the family farms. My family has been in this area for many generations and we know they had a few slaves here and there down the line because the slaves were willed to younger family members when the older generations died. Wills are legal documents filed in the county courthouses permanently. There’s no weaseling out of this disgraceful truth when there are certified documents available to anyone who cares to look there!

    There’s plenty of racism here in the north. It may be more subtle and underhanded that’s all. Boston had riots in the seventies over school desegregation and we have extremely segregated towns, neighborhoods and schools even now. The old WASPs set up a system of absolute segregation here in Boston all those years ago and it has been chipped away somewhat but there is absolutely no level playing field in this region and in the country in general. There are no statues of Confederate generals here and no Confederate flags waving around but there is a system of established segregation and a history of slavery here that all adds up to simmering resentment and this is what will be unleashed on the Common next Saturday.

    I think the rally next Saturday will be a disaster. The black and hispanic Bostonians live in very segregated areas (Roxbury and Dorchester) not so far from the Common and I expect they will turn out in force. Also there are many colleges and universities nearby with a large number of students in the area. School is not in session yet which may be a good thing in keeping the possibility of rioting to a minimum.

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  • Ok, thanks Laurie. So now I’m a lot more worried about Boston, but a little less worried about you, at least.

    Still: don’t forget the quick message here on Saturday evening, ok?

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  • Marco, I didn’t think Seattle would be a place they would come to.
    The West coast and the Northwest might be the most liberal in the country. But they came here last week.
    The country is infested with this. It must be stopped.
    The murderer in the Dodge will be found guilty of First degree murder, I believe.
    Many times a lesser charge will be used to hold the accused while investigations are complete.
    I believe the charges will be upgraded.

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  • Alf

    My impression is that Seattle and the Northwest is actually more liberal than the Northeast. When I heard they were having a rally in Seattle I wasn’t surprised to hear that they would come here next. I should mention that New Hampshire is just 15 minutes away to the border – remember the phrase, “clinging to their guns and bibles”? Yah, that’s N.H. They’ll be heading south to the Common on Saturday in their decrepit shitbox pickup trucks with the gunracks in the back window. I was behind one today on the way home from shopping for new curtains. The guy had a bumper sticker that read, HILLARY for PRISON 2016 I hope the Vermonters show up for a little balance.

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  • Laurie

    I’ll be in the counter protest.

    Trump just spoke. A press conference. Did you hear him? According to him, and this kills me, if someone takes a swing at you and you hit him back (and maybe you were carrying a stick for protection and maybe wearing black) then you’re part of the problem of “unacceptable violence and hate on both sides.” I am so sick of these false equivalences!! I hear it all the time.

    Please let us know how it went and that you’re okay as soon as you can.

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  • Laurie, along with the gas mask, I am sending you a aluminum baseball bat, shoulder pads, tazer,
    tear gas cannisters and here is the great news, they are all in red. So it should match your gas mask.
    You can’t go to one of these things without style.

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  • Well thanks for the support guys but my battling days are long behind me. I actually don’t want anyone on the left to bring weapons and I don’t want the counter protesters to attack the racists. If the alt-righters have a permit and all papers in order then they have the right to rant and rave as long as they follow the rules. But I want the counter protesters to show up in massive numbers and take the high road – behaviorally. The cops need to keep a separation barrier so the hot heads on both sides don’t get carried away in the moment. There’s power in large demonstrations. You look around and find masses of people who are mad as hell just like you are. We need to keep this going until the same masses of pissed off people show up at the voting booths next year. That’s why I’m going.

    I realize that Trump presented that as a false equivalency. No surprise there from our mentally ill President as usual. What a shit show this is. The counter protesters who showed up bruising for a fight served us all badly. They have to stop doing that. They are feeding right into Trump’s sick narrative. And the cops just stood there and did nothing while assault and battery crimes and a murder took place right in front of them. The Boston Chief of Police has been on the local news explaining that they will have everything organized and controlled. I hope he’s right.

    Prof Cornell West is speaking to Anderson Cooper right now on CNN. I’m totally with him on this. I’ll look for the clip on the website.

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  • Laurie

    Yes, but violence and chaos is almost inevitable in a situation like this, with genocidal maniacs marching! And all it takes is one punch from either side! And then the conservatives use that to present false equivalencies.–That shit is as old as protesting itself. Even if counter protesters were to do anything wrong in situations like this you can bet that there will are white supremacists disguised as anti protesters to make sure they appear to be causing trouble! Yes!

    When King marched they blamed him for the violence that ensued; and his side of the street was completely clean. Even if you do nothing and no one is disguised they will still blame and present misleading false equivalencies for any violence that happens. That’s called lying.

    Hopefully there are more people who see through that BS. I think there are.

    I like West, but my opinion of him went down a notch; he voted for Stein. He should be ashamed of himself.

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  • Laurie,

    Goddamned typos! They’ll be the death of me. (I guess if that’s my biggest problem I’m doing okay.)

    Even if counter protesters were to do anything wrong in situations like this you can bet that there will are white supremacists disguised as anti protesters to make sure they appear to be causing trouble!


    Even if counter protesters were to do nothing wrong in these situations you can bet that there will be white supremacists disguised as anti protesters to make sure they appear to be causing trouble!

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  • Dan

    Yes, I know about these tricks from past protests I’ve attended. Some years ago Hanan Ashrawi spoke at one of the big churches in Boston. After the event there was a big crowd outside and this attracted zionists who were aggressive and badgering the attendees. One woman stuck to me like glue standing between me and whoever I tried to talk to and kept her camera two inches from my face taking pictures and muttering like a lunatic. It took all the patience I could muster to not punch her lights out. But that would’ve been a win for her. It’s exactly what she wanted me to do! So I’m ready for aggressive behavior but it’s really important to walk away and find a new spot.

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  • Trump’s double-talk is on record, but apparently he is oblivious to lying self contradictions!

    Leading figures in Donald Trump’s Republican party have reacted angrily to his latest comments blaming both sides for the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday.

    They culminated with a person being killed and many injured when a car hit people opposed to a far-right rally.

    Many echoed House Speaker Paul Ryan who said: “White supremacy is repulsive.. There can be no moral ambiguity.”

    Mr Trump had condemned white supremacist groups on Monday.

    But on Tuesday he reverted to his initial reaction.

    Mr Trump’s remarks were welcomed by David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, who tweeted:
    “Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa.”

    But many others strongly condemned the comments.

    Of the reactions of some 55 Republican and Democrat politicians collected by the Washington Post, only the spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, Kayleigh McEnany, expressed her support.

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  • Trump will act expediently when his stupidity causes HIM political problems, but quickly reverts to ignoring advice, once back in his own deluded little world of Twitterings and sycophants!

    US President Donald Trump has again blamed both sides for the violent unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left one protester dead and others injured.

    In a statement on Monday, he had condemned white supremacists.

    But in New York on Tuesday he also blamed left-wing supporters for charging at the “alt-right”.

    His latest comments drew swift criticism, including from many in his Republican party.

    Many echoed Senator John McCain’s view: “There is no moral equivalency between racists & Americans standing up to defy hate & bigotry“.

    Anthony Zurcher, BBC North America reporter

    On Monday, Donald Trump’s condemnation of the far-right came from advisers counselling him on what was politically necessary to defuse the growing storm following the Charlottesville violence.

    On Tuesday, the president said what he really thought.

    Although he initially explained away the delay in condemnations of white supremacists as necessary for him to gather “the facts” of the situation, the nature of the protests were quite evident by the evening before, when demonstrators chanting white supremacist slogans held a torchlight parade through Charlottesville.

    In any regard, Mr Trump has shown little reluctance in jumping to conclusions about violent incidents when it appears Islamic extremism is at play.

    Upon further questioning, it became clear that the president views the Charlottesville unrest as far from a one-sided affair.
    Mixed in among the white supremacists, he said, were some good, peaceful people protesting the removal of a statue (of a man who led an army against the US government). And there were plenty of violent individuals among the counter-protesters as well.

    When the president on Saturday said there were “many sides” to blame, he meant it.

    If Donald Trump’s initial handling of the fallout from Charlottesville started a political fire, on Tuesday the president poured on a bucket of kerosene and danced around the flames.

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  • Alf

    We’ve been through worse than this. Remember the 60’s and early 70’s here. The place was in an uproar. The horrific Vietnam war. A fucked up administration. Campuses rioting. The draft!!! Shipping our young guys off to their deaths and for what?! And I won’t forget what a sexist society we lived in then. My girls cringe when I tell them what I put up with as a kid, teen and young woman their ages now. That’s not to mention the racism that was blatant back then. Now we’ve circled back to that with Trump easing their way.

    People who have no memory of those times are afraid of what’s happening but I’ve lived through those changes. People were pissed off. They came out into the streets, wrote books, guys went to Canada to resist the draft and stay alive, women mouthed off and took the pill and got jobs and enjoyed one night stands with no guilt. Gays opened dance clubs and assertively came out. And you must have a sense of the how far we’ve come on rights for disabled people and that’s probably not far enough like the rest of this.

    It was a social revolution. It wasn’t easy, it was hard. There was suffering. Remember Kent State. This is why I’m going on Saturday.

    Alf. Come up from the basement. We’ll never be free of these ideology thugs but we can and will push them back into their creepy hellholes where they can’t hurt anyone. This is what is starting. Hold steady, get to the grocery store, buy some salad and veg and watch the Create channel to learn one new dish every week. I hate to cook too but I have acquired enough skills and efficiency in the kitchen to make cooking bearable. My talents lie elsewhere. You can do it.
    Oh and, this time, the revolution actually will be televised. But for the record…

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  • Laurie


    I was going to suggest you televise it. £30 buys you a WiFi UHD waterproof wearable action cam. Your phone can read this safely from an inner pocket and stream it live wherever you want. A stick on label saying LIVE might confer a lot of protection?

    But that’s a technologist for you.

    I know you’ll stay safe. Show ’em what reason looks like….but stay safe.

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  • While the two Bush ex-presidents should give Republicans cause for thought on Trump, I see the Bushes and the White House, just had to bring their god-delusions into the issue along very similar lines!

    Former Presidents George HW Bush and George W Bush have called on the US to “reject racial bigotry, anti-Semitism and hatred in all forms”.

    They are the latest Republican figures to weigh in on the backlash to Donald Trump’s latest remarks blaming “both sides” for violent clashes in Virginia.

    Republicans were outraged when Mr Trump appeared to defend the organisers.

    “As we pray for Charlottesville, we are reminded of the fundamental truths recorded by that city’s most prominent citizen in the Declaration of Independence: we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights,” a statement from the two former presidents said.

    “We know these truths to be everlasting because we have seen the decency and greatness of our country.”

    The violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday have sparked a heated debate on US race relations.

    The fallout from Mr Trump’s comments on Tuesday continued in Washington, where Republican lawmakers reacted angrily.

    Many echoed House Speaker Paul Ryan who said: “White supremacy is repulsive.. There can be no moral ambiguity.”

    Following the news conference, the White House sent a set official talking points to Republican congressmen, urging them to say Mr Trump was “entirely correct” in his latest remarks on Charlottesville.

    “Despite the criticism, the President reaffirmed some of our most important Founding principles: We are equal in the eyes of our Creator, equal under the law, and equal under our Constitution,” a bullet point read.

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  • I see there is the usual Trump idiot response to criticism, and gross failure to recognise expert sources of advice!

    President Trump has said he is scrapping two business councils after more bosses quit over his handling of violent clashes in Virginia.

    Mr Trump said: “Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both.”

    It comes after the heads of post-it maker 3M and Campbell Soup announced their resignations on Wednesday.

    Eight business leaders have withdrawn after the far-right rally last weekend.

    Businesses have been under pressure to distance themselves from Mr Trump over his handling of the clashes.

    So now Trump blunders on with even less people who have competence in their specialist fields to offer advice!

    Despite belatedly condemning the white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups that rallied in Charlottesville, on Tuesday he appeared to defend the rally’s organisers.

    Mr Trump has previously dismissed the chief executive resignations, saying the business leaders were “not taking their jobs seriously as it pertains to this country”.

    Which is absolutely pathetically laughable – coming from the most superficial, out of touch, and disconnected president in US history!

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  • SICKO!!!

    “Now I’m free,” Bannon told the Weekly Standard. “I’ve got my hands back on my weapons. Someone said, ‘it’s Bannon the Barbarian.’ I am definitely going to crush the opposition. There’s no doubt. I built a fucking machine at Breitbart. And now I’m about to go back, knowing what I know, and we’re about to rev that machine up. And rev it up we will do.”

    Just hours after his ouster, Breitbart News announced Bannon was back as executive chairman.

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  • The dangerousness of propaganda should not be underestimated. Breitbart under Bannon (and let’s not forget Sinclair): Fox News on steroids.

    But Bannon’s media reach isn’t limited to that site. He’s proven himself masterful at injecting narratives into mainstream press coverage. Bannon’s research center, the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), produced the 2015 book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich. Released around the same time Clinton announced her candidacy, the stories from Clinton Cash grabbed headlines for months thanks to Bannon’s adroitly feeding parts of the story as exclusives to such “globalist” outlets as the New York Times, as Joshua Green explained in his 2015 profile of Bannon.

    Whatever he does next, it will be well-financed. There are already rumors that far-right political donor Robert Mercer will fund Bannon’s next move, and conservative billionaire Sheldon Adelson is another of his political patrons (paywall). Money like that could be used to build a media empire to rival [surpass] Fox News, which has been losing credibility among the likes of Breitbart readers, who are often to the right of Fox’s stances. With Mercer’s daughter, Rebekah Mercer—who also sits on the board of GAI—Bannon also formed a film production company, Glittering Steel, that aims to make political advertisements as well as commercially successful Christian-themed movies, according to a new book by Green, Devil’s Bargain. In short, Bannon’s ouster from the White House isn’t the end, but only the beginning.

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  • Dan #25
    Aug 18, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    “Now I’m free,” Bannon told the Weekly Standard. “I’ve got my hands back on my weapons.
    Someone said, ‘it’s Bannon the Barbarian.’
    I am definitely going to crush the opposition.
    There’s no doubt. I built a fucking machine at Breitbart.
    And now I’m about to go back, knowing what I know, and we’re about to rev that machine up. And rev it up we will do.”

    We need to remember, that bigoted irrational, delusional, ideologists, are just as likely to clash with each other, as to clash with rational people!
    (YECs are constantly fighting with each other over “doctrinal” and “interpretation” differences”)

    Just hours after his ouster, Breitbart News announced Bannon was back as executive chairman.

    So while Bannon professes “loyalty to Trump”, he will be back to loony rantings at DIMbart, which will now be unrestrained by any team discipline, or advisors, so there are likely to be clashes quite soon!

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  • @Laurie #26

    How can his Breitbart compare with having the President’s ear 24/7 ?

    I suspect the two are not mutually exclusive. Bannon is now off his leash. I can’t share your happiness that he’s out for two reasons. First, as I said, he’s off his leash. He now has more flexibility than ever to pursue his agenda, and there’s no reason to think Trump won’t be listening. Second, without his immediate input, Trump can stick to a more scripted appearance, and might–just might–convince voters they made the right decision.

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  • Hi Vicki

    Right, I think if it was up to Trump, Bannon would still be there. I don’t doubt that the two will continue to communicate privately. As for convincing voters that they made the right decision – it would take a very shallow analysis to conclude that Trump is running a successful administration. I’m still shocked to find anyone who still thinks he’s doing a great job but they’re not hard to find and they’re still proud to say they voted for him!

    Let Bannon spew his poison to his small minded paranoid fans on the outside. He has a constitutional right to do so. I’m glad I won’t have to see his face hovering in the background of the oval office anymore. That some relief.

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  • According to quotes in the BBC report, the organisers of the “Free Speech Rally”, are not going to offer a platform to to racism or bigotry.

    Officials in Boston, Massachusetts, are bracing for possible confrontations as rival protests converge on the city centre on Saturday.

    The organisers of the “Free Speech Rally” said that “misinformation in the media” was “likening our organization to those that ran the Charlottesville rally”.

    “While we maintain that every individual is entitled to their freedom of speech and defend that basic human right, we will not be offering our platform to racism or bigotry,” the group wrote on a Facebook page dedicated to the event. “We denounce the politics of supremacy and violence.”

    The list of speakers for the free speech event has changed multiple times in previous days.
    At times it has included speakers that some have associated with the far-right.

    The so-called “Antifa” left-wing activist group has said it plans to attend as well.

    “If anything gets out of hand, we will shut it down,” Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said on Friday morning.

    We will in time, find out if the organisers’ claims are true or successful!

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  • According to quotes in the BBC report, the organisers of the “Free
    Speech Rally”, are not going to offer a platform to to racism or

    If they are telling the truth, it will be interesting to listen to their speeches. Aside from whining, they don’t strike me as being well versed in many other subjects. 😉

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  • My daughter is on the Common bright and early to hold our spot. She says Antifa is already marching around the Common making their presence known. She says that there are no weapons in sight. Hope it remains that way. A big crowd has gathered in Roxbury and preparing to march to the Common. The “free speech” protesters are prevented from entering their protest space by the police because their organizer hasn’t shown up yet to present their permit papers and guarantee that all is in order to follow the rules. Protesters are streaming into the Common but there is no one in the official protest space yet. The protest permit was taken for a start time of noon.


    I definitely want to hear the speeches. Perhaps they’ll water them down to make themselves appear more palatable to the general public. Fat chance of that. Yes, high probability of whining.

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  • Laurie

    I worry about AntiFa–they embrace violence as a way to get attention. Steer clear of them if you and your daughter can!

    On the plus side, it looks like good weather for a protest! I thought of a good sign: “Hate Speech Isn’t Free Speech; The Cost Is Your Humanity”

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  • I’m back! The rally was wonderful! So glad I went. There was good behavior all around as far as I could see. Saw one guy hauled out on a medical stretcher unconscious but I don’t know what caused it.

    There’s no doubt that this was a total failure for the supremacists. They had very few of them show up and had speeches for a very short time and then were escorted off the Common by a large group of Police. Sorry to say that I heard none of their speeches because of the large buffer zone around them and then many rows of protesters all out around that. There were two helicopters hovering the whole time causing some very annoying loud noise, so whatever the fascists were ranting about was completely obliterated to all of us on the Common! I started to wonder if there might be an element of strategy in this…hmmm.

    Every once in a while there would be a hulabaloo come up from the crowd and the cops would swoop down and escort a nationalist to safety. Then hundreds of protesters would laugh and cheer loudly. But with so many people there, i didn’t see any significant violence at all.

    One thing that I loved is the mix of ages there. There were plenty of middle aged counter protesters there and there were so many young people! This is a great relief to me because I’ve been worried that the young people would stay home and type comments on Facebook instead of coming out into the street, but I was wrong, happily. The young people were a real force there today. The energy was very impressive. There was a decent crowd on the Common when I arrived there but when the huge group of people who were marching the route from Roxbury arrived and flooded into the Common everyone was cheering for them. So wonderful.

    The presence today of the so called, “free speech” protesters was absolutely insignificant. This rally today was about equality, inclusion, anti-hatred and progressive values. I’m very encouraged by all of this that happened today.

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  • That’s great news, Laurie! Thanks for reporting back, and I’m very glad it all passed off peacefully – despite the best efforts of the Trump, who tweeted an hour ago:

    “Looks like many anti-police agitators in Boston. Police are looking tough and smart! Thank you.”

    He’d have just loved it to kick off; and it’s perfectly obvious who he’d have blamed if it had.

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  • According to this report, it looks like the gathering was largely peaceful, with the right wing group greatly outnumbered by the counter protest!

    Tens of thousands of anti-racism protesters have opposed the “Free Speech” rally in the US city of Boston that featured right-wing speakers.

    The rally on Boston Common, which attracted only a small crowd, disbanded early and the participants were escorted out by police.

    The organisers had said they would not give a platform to racism or bigotry.

    Tensions are high after violent demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend turned deadly.

    The Boston Herald reported that up to 30,000 people attended the counter-protest.
    Demonstrators had gathered at a Boston sports centre and then marched en masse to the common.

    The BBC’s Aleem Maqbool, at the scene, said those who turned up for the conservative rally were confined to the bandstand area on Boston Common.

    Crowds of anti-racism protesters totally surrounded the bandstand but were kept some distance away, he added.

    The crowd chanted “No Nazis, no KKK, no fascists in the USA!” and carried banners with slogans such as “Stop pretending your racism is patriotism”.

    Hundreds of police officers, many on bicycles, were deployed. Large vehicles and concrete barriers were positioned to prevent access to the park.

    President Donald Trump has praised police but criticised what he termed “agitators”.

    There were no reports of wide-scale violence but protesters jeered at those taking part in the rally and some threw water bottles.

    There were also scuffles between protesters and police, and some arrests. The Boston Globe newspaper reported that 20 people had been held.

    Some rally participants needed a police escort to leave the park.

    The list of speakers for the event changed a number of times in the days ahead of the gathering. At times it included speakers who have been associated with the far right.

    If there have only been 20 arrests from a crowd of 30,000 that would be peaceful in terms of any public event of this size!

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  • Alan

    Yes, the Boston Chief of Police just came on TV with a statement about the day. There were 27 arrests and no significant property damage in surrounding areas. Three of the arrests were individuals wearing what I think he described as combat vests, one of these had a gun. Others arrested were involved in a scuffle with the police and these people confronted the police and threw water bottles at them, some of which were full of urine. There were different groups congregated in various locations on the Common and on a regular basis we’d hear prolonged cheering from the distance. At one point we heard loud cheering/shouting from the North side and we saw some hoards of young people take off running in that direction. Maybe that was the scuffle with the police. The Mayor of Boston and the Chief of Police were very pleased with the the outcome of the rally. Indeed, they said that with such a huge mass of attendees, there were very few problems for the day.

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  • Laurie

    A great day! I was watching on TV.

    Loved the pics of the signs, but to be honest, I think Fey’s message was exactly that: the last woman who said “Let them eat cake” was beheaded. I think Fey’s message (and humor) was lost on the protester.

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  • Laurie, my good friend,

    I’m glad it went well, but I think you’re on a pink cloud. That happens. We do something and feel energized, and should.

    I think I might be more worried about Bannon and the media and about right wing propaganda in the months and years to come than others are allowing themselves to be.

    Bannon’s constitutional rights should not include deception. I’ve been reading about this. Breitbart is nothing now, because everyone know what it is! We’re talking about the formation of right wing media empires. “Sinclair requires TV Stations to air segments that tilt to the Right”! People will be sitting at home watching the news on their local station and hear a slanted version of the events with mandatory pro-right wing commercials. The unsuspecting and under-informed will not know it’s propaganda.

    Read about Mercer.

    Steve Bannon reportedly met with Robert Mercer, the billionaire mega-donor who backs President Donald Trump, at Mercer’s Long Island estate on Wednesday.

    Read about the Sinclair company. If that doesn’t concern people nothing will. A right wing, Trump supporting, extremely powerful conglomerate owning more than two thirds of all TV networks. I wrote about this before and no one seems to give a shit. They will be airing little shorts about terrorism and that sort of thing. This will make Fox look like the BBC. Not sure if they are set to go yet and there is some opposition.

    Unprecedented. Horrifying! Propaganda on a massive and scale! But as I said no one will know it’s propaganda!! This is how Trump and /or Bannon or the far right plans to maintain control now: through third world fascist style propaganda.

    “Pro-Trump Network Sinclair Set to Become Nation’s Biggest Broadcaster as Trump appointed FCC Chair Weakens Ownership Rules”

    Here’s a little taste of what may be in store for us on a larger scale:

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  • Vicki


    There was a middle aged guy wandering through the crowd near me yelling out “Sheet cake! Sheet cake! Get your piece of sheet cake here!” He had a large sheet cake and was handing out little slices to everyone.

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  • Dan, I think you are a little too pessimistic here.
    The people are awake now. The crest of the corruption is obvious to even the most IQ challenged people.
    Trump is being attacked on every front now. His last bastion of strength is the religious and the hard core racists. And that is being eroded quickly.
    The Generals have already formed a plan to deal with him. The Congress is conducting some business.
    The GOP is splitting off the radical components.
    I’m feeling like this is coming to an end within several months.

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  • Dan

    Dammit! Just let me stay on my pink cloud for the rest of the day!

    I know about Mercer and Sinclair. After today I think the only people who will fall for this poisonous crap are those who are already in too deep and hear only what they want to hear – bias confirmation. These young people aren’t stupid. I’m hearing numbers for today at 30,000 and 40,000 ! This is fantastic and the fact that it was very peaceful is the best news of all. I’m going to be very interested in all of the rallies that will take place after ours in different cities. Liberals will feel better about attending these future rallies now that they know they’ll be protected by good police organization and not on the front lines staring across at fascists wearing combat gear and armed to the teeth.

    Today was a good day. It was a clear victory for our side. Many people in other countries are exposed to bullshit government controlled “news” and they do recognize it for what it is – propaganda.

    There’s a scene from V for Vendetta that I love of a family watching a TV that is broadcasting a government propaganda segment. This child watches with minimal reaction but the parents behind her listen and then look at each other with expressions of knowing and disgust over the ridiculous and blatant message. I can’t find that scene but here’s another one that I love. V and Evey getting ready and the propaganda playing in the background.

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  • Alf, Laurie, Olgun…

    I just ate and feel better, more optimistic.

    I often wonder to what extent one’s pessimism or optimism is influenced by not eating or eating.

    But it’s not really optimism I am feeling; it’s more like the absence of pessimism. What can one expect? It was six o’clock and I hadn’t had anything but coffee all day.

    Trump is finished. We will be okay….I think.

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  • Dan, This is where he really starts accelerating downhill. We can sit and watch the Trumpwreck.
    It won’t be long…..enjoy! Grab a sandwich and a chair. This is going to be historic.

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  • Alf

    Thanks for the sky cake. That explains everything. So now I understand myself and everyone else here as people who want their cake but are not willing to wait for the cake to be served after death. We want our cake now!

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  • Oh man did Trump destroy himself yet again on twitter. Almost every time he tweets it’s a catastrophe. From

    Another Bad Day on Twitter for Trump

    When it comes to Twitter, President Donald Trump rarely has anything but a bad day, as he steadfastly refuses to realize that the social media platform that served him very well as a candidate is not his friend as president. So it was on Saturday, when a small number of “free speech” protesters (aka white supremacists), a large number of police, and an even larger number of counter-protesters descended on Boston. Trump’s immediate response on Twitter:

    Looks like many anti-police agitators in Boston. Police are looking tough and smart! Thank you.

    Great job by all law enforcement officers and Boston Mayor @Marty_Walsh.

    Nothing terribly surprising here, given that Trump is among the more authoritarian presidents the country has had. Of course he is pro-police and anti-protester. But then, starting about 25 minutes later, came this pair:

    Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heal, & we will heal, & be stronger than ever before!

    I want to applaud the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will soon come together as one!

    The reason for describing these as “starting about 25 minutes later” is that it actually took the President three tries to get the first of the two right, as he twice misspelled ‘heal’ as ‘heel.’ This naturally occasioned quite a few jokes on Twitter, like “Spelling is the President’s Achilles Heal” and “At least it’s ‘heel’ and not ‘heil’.”

    Snark about spelling aside, however, what was really noteworthy was the 180-degree turn between the first two tweets and the second two. The counter-protesters went from being “anti-police agitators” to being some sort of American heroes in not much more than the blink of an eye. One can fairly well imagine the scene at Bedminster, where The Donald is spending the weekend. He sends the first two tweets, in which he appears—once again—to be criticizing those who would presume to stand up against racism. Chief of Staff John Kelly, perhaps only half-shaven, maybe with a shirttail untucked, sees the messages and goes racing through the golf club, looking for his boss to tell him he’s gotta fix the latest mess. After checking the breakfast nook, the bedroom, and the lounge, he finds Trump—phone still in hand—out on the veranda, perhaps. The General promptly dictates the messages the President needs to send to “smooth” things over; Trump complies, but fumbles a bit as he tries to punch Kelly’s words into his phone. Eventually, the two tweets—with spelling corrected—get posted to Twitter, and Kelly goes back to getting dressed. Aaaand…scene.

    I saw the photos of the rally. 25 or 30 “free speech” protesters huddled in the bandstand and 30,000 opposing them all around. Or as Trump would say, “the biggest free speech demonstration the world has ever seen. Period! Plus a handful of crooked-Hillary loving unamericans spoiling it for everyone.”

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  • But it’s not really optimism I am feeling; it’s more like the absence of pessimism. What can one expect? It was six o’clock and I hadn’t had anything but coffee all day.

    Just my opinion Dan, but I would think the absence of food plus caffeine could cause the self defense mechanism to overreact?
    I would try some cake. Of course that’s always my remedy for everything.
    I feel like Trump has already been thrown over the cliff and just hasn’t hit the bottom yet.
    But he is screaming his stupid mouth off on the way down.

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  • @ All,

    I just read something in my solid-journalism regional newspaper here in Germany that made me do a triple take. I’m just burning to find a link to the constitutional articles on impeachment (of the president), but am at a loss where to look.

    I lived in the US 1966-1975, entering college in 1973, and so witnessed the Watergate mess leading to Nixon’s impeachment (by a normal 50+% on the House of Representatives) and his resignation due to the fact that Republican Senators told him he was likely to be removed from office by a Senate vote of about 80 to 20. This whole bit was on the “high crimes and misdemeanors” charge which the Constitution provides for (the 1990s Republican scum tried that with Clinton but failed miserably).

    Now I read that there appears to be a provision in the Constitution for removing a president for INCOMPETENCE!!! The German term used is “Amtsunfähigkeit”. The newspaper article stresses that this is a different procedure from the “high crimes and misdemeanors” charge (which would be the relevant one if the Russian connection investigation finds a “smoking gun”), but can still be effected by a two-thirds majority of the Senate. (But then, even the Roman Curial Church has something of the sort for removing a pope …).

    Is this true (I’m assuming it is), and where can I read about it in a reliable link?

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  • Ratified in 67. It’s all in Pence’s hands. And then we’d be in his.

    I4. Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

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  • Hmph. Nothing like the “high crimes and misdemeanors” impeachment and definitive removal from office procedure. It appears to leave the door open for a running “yes!” “no!” “yes!” “no!” “yes!” “no!” argument ad nauseam. And pretty much a non-functioning government at that.

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