ACLU sues Michigan over religious exemptions for adoptions

Sep 21, 2017

By Susan Miller

The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit Wednesday challenging Michigan’s practice of allowing adoption agencies to spurn potential LGBT parents under the guise of religion.

Religious exemption laws let people, churches and sometimes corporations cite religious beliefs as a reason not to enforce a law — such as declining to marry a same-sex couple or letting state-funded foster agencies refuse to place kids with same-sex couples.

The Michigan adoption law leads to “fewer options for children” when the pool of qualified adopters is diluted because of unreasonable legislation, ACLU lawyer Leslie Cooper said. “There is a desperate need for families. We need more families, not fewer.”

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2 comments on “ACLU sues Michigan over religious exemptions for adoptions

  • Noodles are sacred. (Particularly linguine)
    Because of my sincerely held religious beliefs, no one else is allowed to partake of them at my favorite dining establishment on Saturdays after 7pm. (CDT)

    The actual service is held at my private residence, and consists of viewing “The Odd Couple” (Lemmon & Matthau) with a bowl of popcorn. And my snugglebug tortie cat, who will groom my eyebrows if I laugh too hard.

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  • It seems there are more “religious exemptions” being cooked up by the Republicans and Trumpies!

    Donald Trump’s government has issued a ruling that allows employers to opt out of providing free birth control to millions of Americans.

    The rule allows employers and insurers to decline to provide birth control if doing so violates their “religious beliefs” or “moral convictions”.

    Fifty-five million women benefited from the Obama-era rule, which made companies provide free birth control.

    As a candidate, Mr Trump had pledged to eliminate that requirement.

    The mandate had been a key feature of so-called Obamacare – President Obama’s efforts to overhaul the US healthcare system.

    It included a provision that permitted religious institutions to forego birth control coverage for their employees.

    But the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said on Friday it was important to expand which organisations can opt out and deny free contraceptive coverage.

    “We should have space for organisations to live out their religious ideas and not face discrimination because of their religious ideas,” said one HHS official, who did not wish to be named.

    Perhaps a residential educational course visiting some remote tribal head-hunters or cannibals, could give this clown some reasons to reconsider that view if/when he/she returns!

    The new rule, which is effective immediately, was criticised by women’s rights groups and Democrats in Congress.

    Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the top Republican in Congress, praised the decision as “a landmark day for religious liberty”.

    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National National Women’s Law Center have announced that they will sue the federal government over the decision.

    The move will be celebrated by religious groups and conservatives – a tangible benefit of their presidential victory last year.

    There’s a risk of blowback outside the Republican Party’s evangelical base, however.

    According to some estimates, the contraceptive mandate saved women $1.4bn in its first year in effect. The decision could deal a direct financial blow to women across the US – something they might remember when they head to the polls in 2018.

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