Atheists Are Raising Money to Help Victims of Hurricane Irma

Sep 13, 2017

By Hemant Mehta

Foundation Beyond Belief has been running a fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey relief since before it hit Houston, and they just announced where all of the money is going. At the same time, they’re asking people to donate to support victims of Hurricane Irma.

First, the news about the Harvey funds. We already knew a $25,000 grant was given to All Hands Volunteers, a “volunteer-powered disaster relief organization.” FBB has now announced that another $25,000 will be given to BakerRipley, which “brings resources, education, and connection to emerging neighborhoods.” $10,000 goes to The Montrose Center, which offers “mental and behavioral health services for the LGBT community in Houston.” And $5,000 will go to Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies, a “cross-disability disaster relief and recovery organization.”

That’s $65,000 in total, raised primarily by atheists, helping victims of Harvey including those who may be overlooked and forgotten.

FBB is now asking for your help chipping in for Irma relief.

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