Attack Ad Against Atheist School Board Candidate: She’s “Not Right” for Kids

By Hemant Mehta

Last February, I posted about a dedication ceremony for a new fitness trail outside Cooper Elementary School in Rogers, Arkansas.

The event included the participation of a school board member, the assistant superintendent, the principal, the vice principal, all four of the school’s gym teachers, a State Representative, and third grade students.

And a nun who blessed the trail with holy water. And a formal prayer.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation said those last two things violated the First Amendment because this was clearly a school event, whether or not it was voluntary, and it was promoting religion. They sent a letter to the Bentonville Public Schools asking them to promise never to do it again.

My post about that event was shared by many people online, including a group called the Bentonville Public Schools Citizens for Equality, run by a woman named Amy Gillespie.

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  1. Dirty negative campaigning is nothing new in politics.

    Of course it is not Tttrrroooly dirty negative campaigning, when it has been sanitised and sanctified by a god-delusion! 🙂

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