Armageddon Predicted by Christian Numerologist Delayed (For Second Time)


By David G. McAfee

The end of the world has been postponed, yet again, according to the Christian numerologist who first insisted the date was September 23 and then postponed it to October 15.

David Meade, a conspiracy theorist who claims to have studied astronomy at a Kentucky university but refused to disclose which school due to “safety reasons,” first predicted the world would end Sept. 23, which he said was a “very biblically significant, numerologically significant number.” He claimed a planet unknown to science, called Nibiru, would appear and bring apocalyptic earthquakes.

After his original prophecy failed (to the surprise of nobody), Meade changed the date of the alleged apocalypse to Oct. 15.

Either I missed the end of the world while I was watching TV or it never happened.

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  1. “Leave me your valuables, the world is going to end. Sign over your real estate and will.
    I’ll be here when you get back,,,,,,,I promise.”

  2. Perhaps the planet is made of dark matter, so it can’t be seen, smelled or touched. A man with biblical knowledge and a deep understanding of occultly significant numbers, would easily be able to intuit the planet’s existence, using powers and insight which Alan4discussion does not possess.

    Just a point of verification: if the planet hasn’t been discovered yet, how did it get a name, and how does he know that name?

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