Mississippi’s Draconian Anti-LGBT Law, the Worst in the Nation, Is Set to Take Effect

Oct 6, 2017

By Jay Michaelson

For several years, liberals have been accused of using scare tactics against the “religious liberty” bills that have been proposed across the country, particularly in the wake of same-sex marriage.

This week, the nightmare scenario comes to life as Mississippi may at last implement the most expansive attack on LGBT equality in a generation—if the Supreme Court does not step in first.

That’s because the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the demand (PDF) to rehear the challenge to Mississippi’s HB 1523 as a full court (“en banc” in legal parlance), thus leaving in place a three-judge panel’s decision from last June, which held that plaintiffs lacked standing to challenge the law.

While that is technically a ruling on procedure, not the merits of the bill, it also means that the case is dismissed.

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3 comments on “Mississippi’s Draconian Anti-LGBT Law, the Worst in the Nation, Is Set to Take Effect

  • @link – Lawsuit aside, HB 1523 is a bold, and almost certainly unconstitutional, attack on LGBT individuals. Signed into law on April 5, 2016, the law singles out three religious beliefs for special protection: that marriage means one man and one woman,

    Perhaps these clowns could go to see some religious beliefs get special protection and announce that in Saudi Arabia! (Allah permits but 4)

    that sexual relations should only happen inside such a marriage,

    Yep! Those religious delusion blinkers can see whatever the wearer wants to see!

    and that gender is “immutable” and corresponds to sex at birth.

    Pronouncing their biological and medical illiteracy and ignorance!

    and corresponds to sex at birth.

    Perhaps they can demonstrate their “expertise” helping doctors decide on cases of babies with ambiguous genitalia! 🙂

    Or perhaps that would just highlight their Dinning-Kruger ignorance based confidence, of the “too ignorant and stupid, to even recognise their own ignorance and stupidity”!

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  • There’s a long established technique by which cults and religions have tried to force the brainwashed to stay true to the dogma and keep drinking the Kool-Aid which is the shun. Any dissent or loss of faith and out you go and no one still in is allowed to speak to you. The Amish, scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others are masters of the technique. If States want to remain part of the wider rational community then I’m afraid we’re going to have to use the same technique on them. I think it’s all they are likely to understand.

    Don’t do business with companies in States run by right wing religious nutters. Cancel your orders with them, don’t vacation there and give them your money. Don’t set up your own companies there or film movies or tv programmes there. Don’t buy from them or sell to them. Send a polite letter explaining yourself and ask them to forward it to their legislature. If you deal with them then you condone this behaviour. Simples. Eventually the loss of the almighty dollar will send the right message. The bible belt is poor enough as it is but if they want to try for becoming a third world enclave then so be it.

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  • @OP- Mississippi may at last implement the most expansive attack on LGBT equality in a generation—if the Supreme Court does not step in first.

    The UK seems to have a more rational, evidence based, approach!


    A science teacher who told his students gay people “have a disease” and are “sick in the head” has been banned from the profession indefinitely.

    Joshua Onduso, 50, was working at The Reintegration Service in Thatcham, Berkshire, when he made the remarks.

    He later told the head teacher he could not condone homosexual activity because of his Christian beliefs.

    Clearly another case of faith-thinking “Christian beliefs” befuddling the brain of someone who SHOULD have benefited from being taught scientific methodology!

    A National College for Teaching and Leadership panel found him guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

    A report outlining the findings said Mr Onduso had been asked what he thought about gay people during a lesson at the school, which is based in the Moorside Community Centre, in May 2015.

    A teaching assistant who gave evidence said Mr Onduso replied that “gay people have a disease” before pointing to his head as he added “they have something wrong upstairs”.

    The report said when he was asked about what he had told students earlier in the day, he responded that he had said gay people were “sick in the head”.

    The head teacher told the hearing she was “shocked” when she twice asked Mr Onduso to clarify his position and he insisted his Christian beliefs meant he “did not condone what [gay people] do”.

    Mr Onduso was suspended and later dismissed after the school, which is for 5-19 year olds, carried out its own internal investigation.

    The report said the panel accepted Mr Onduso’s behaviour was out of character but there was no evidence to suggest his actions were not deliberate.

    Mr Onduso acknowledged his comments were homophobic while giving evidence at the hearing but had “not been remorseful”, the report added.

    Banning him from teaching indefinitely, the panel said his attitudes were “deep-seated” and led to “harmful behaviour” which further training would not help.

    The inability to learn due to deep-rooted know-it-all indoctrination, is one of its disabling core features!

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