L.A.’s Only Atheist Choir Questions Organized Religion Through Song

Nov 27, 2017

By Jessica Donath

In a lot of ways, Voices of Reason is a choir like many others. Lay vocalists with various levels of experience meet twice a month in a private home to practice. They sing a cappella and choral sheet music.

But Voices of Reason’s repertoire is different. As an atheist choir that performs regularly for a limited but devoted audience of Atheists United members, it chooses songs that are critical of religion or that address topics of interested to people who frequent atheist groups — often with a humorous twist. Their repertoire includes everything from “Imagine” by John Lennon to “Every Sperm Is Sacred” from Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life.

Choral music has its roots in the Christian church of the Renaissance. Even today many choirs sing religious music, even if they aren’t based at a church.

“The church was so involved in the arts, it was commissioned. Who is paying atheists to sing music?” says Yari Schutzer, a member of Voices of Reason since its inception.

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