From Roy Moore To Tax Debate, A Spotlight On Christian Nationalism

Dec 1, 2017

By Tom Gjelten

From the U.S. Senate race in Alabama to the tax debate in the U.S. Congress, the role of religion in American politics is once again front and center.

In Alabama, Republican candidate Roy Moore is an unabashed Christian nationalist, arguing that the United States was established as a Christian nation, to be governed by Christian principles.

“I do believe what the Bible says, and I believe for our country it’s historically been true,” Moore declared at his most recent campaign rally. “I have vowed, when I go to Washington, D.C., as a United States senator, to take a knowledge of the Constitution and the God upon whom it is founded.”

As an Alabama judge, Moore installed a stone monument to the Ten Commandments in the state judicial building. “The institutions of our society are founded on the belief that there is an authority higher than the authority of the State,” he said at the installation, “[and] that there is a moral law which the State is powerless to alter.” He subsequently defied a court order to remove the monument, and he told lower courts in Alabama to ignore the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, because he considered it contrary to the teachings of the Christian Bible.

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