Here Are Ark Encounter’s Attendance Numbers for the Past Several Months

Dec 4, 2017

By Hemant Mehta

For more than a year now, it’s been a guessing game for a lot of Ark Encounter’s critics as to what the attendance really is over there.

Anecdotally, when atheists visit (on weekdays or not during the summer), we’ve heard reports that things are relatively empty. When Ken Ham brags about attendance numbers (on weekends and holidays, especially over the summer), he doesn’t give specifics but always acts as if the crowds are overflowing. It’s possible both groups are telling the truth.

We finally got a hint this past August about actual numbers and it was all thanks to a new ordinance passed by the city of Williamstown, Kentucky.

You may recall that officials called for all ticket-taking attractions in the city to pay a surcharge of $0.50 per ticket as a “Safety Fee” to help pay for fire trucks, police cars, etc. — the very things that make the city a safer place for residents and tourists. While there are two other attractions the fee applies to, Ark Encounter would be the lion’s share of the income, and even if Ken Ham wanted to keep his attendance numbers secret, the city’s Safety Fee amounts were a matter of public record.

That’s why Ham admitted (or bragged, depending on your perspective) in August that he had paid Williamstown more than $70,000 to cover the Safety Fee for the month of July.

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2 comments on “Here Are Ark Encounter’s Attendance Numbers for the Past Several Months

  • I see there are plans to teach UK secondary school students critical thinking skills, so as to enable them to separate fake news and fantasies from evidence based sources!

    BBC to help students identify ‘fake news’

    The BBC is to launch a new programme to help young people identify real news and filter out fake or false information.

    The project is targeted at secondary schools and sixth forms across the UK.

    From March, up to 1,000 schools will be offered mentoring in class and online to help them spot so-called fake news.

    BBC journalists including Kamal Ahmed, Tina Daheley, Amol Rajan and Huw Edwards will also take part in events aimed at helping students.

    James Harding, the director of BBC News, said: “This is an attempt to go into schools to speak to young people and give them the equipment they need to distinguish between what’s true and what’s false.

    “I think that people are getting the news all over the place – there’s more information than ever before.
    But, as we know, some of it is old news, some of it is half truths.
    Some of it is just downright lies.
    And it’s harder than ever when you look at those information feeds to discern what’s true and what’s not.

    “But there are ‘tells’, there are ways that you can look at your news feed and identify a story that’s true and a story that’s not. And we think that’s a skill that enables people to make good choices about the information they get and good choices in their lives.

    The BBC programmes will probably NOT be presented on the American networks where there is the greatest need for these skills!
    Indeed there may well be a perverse reaction on those!

    It will however be of interest to see the reactions of the likes of Trump and Ham!!! 🙂

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  • Ham seems to have missed out on the demonstration of Noah’s blast-furnaces which produced all that GOPHER STEEL which went into his “replica ark”!

    Still! The gullible faithful are taking all the financial risks!

    Unfortunately, even among the partially educated, there are those who think “debating the pseudo-controversy”, and producing some sort of fudged compromise, with a false equivalence between real science and pseudo-science liars, is actually some sort of “free and open” scientific debate!
    They entirely miss the point that in an honest evidence-based scientific debate, those who make up lies and gratuitous contradictions, do not even qualify for a seat at the table!

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