Roy Moore: The eyes of the world are on Alabama election

Dec 12, 2017

By Katty Kay

Question: Just how interested is the world in the Alabama election tomorrow?

Answer: A reporter from Moldova is down there. It’s pretty much all you need to know.

News organisations from foreign countries love stories about America that expose its weaknesses. They always have done.

It can sometimes be explained as schadenfreude, an almost indecent glee when things are perceived to have gone wrong in the world’s superpower.

The riots in Ferguson, the shooting of Trayvon Martin, Hurricane Katrina, the financial crash, and now the Alabama race.

Those reporters would not normally fly to the Deep South to cover a mere US Senate race, especially one that should have been a straightforward Republican win in this conservative state.

Then again, you don’t often get a candidate who believes homosexuality should be illegal, Muslims should be banned from serving in Congress and the last time America was great was when there was slavery.

That’s the Republican, Roy Moore.

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23 comments on “Roy Moore: The eyes of the world are on Alabama election

  • It looks like, even in traditionally Republican areas, a significant percentage of voters have demonstrated that they cannot be taken for granted and fobbed off with Trump-endorsed junk candidates!

    Doug Jones has become the first Democrat in 25 years to win a US Senate seat for Alabama after a bitter campaign against Republican Roy Moore.

    His unexpected victory deals a blow to President Donald Trump, who backed Mr Moore, and narrows the Republican majority in the Senate to 51-49.

    Mr Moore has so far refused to concede, saying “it’s not over”.

    He fought a controversial campaign, in which allegations surfaced of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

    Mr Moore, a firebrand conservative who has said he believes that homosexual activity should be illegal, has repeatedly denied the claims against him.

    The contest was for the seat vacated by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this year.

    A flawed candidate – or an anti-Trump wave? – Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington

    Alabama will have a Democrat in the US Senate.

    It’s an outcome that seemed all but impossible a year ago and still seemed unlikely even as voters headed to the polls on Tuesday.

    The ramifications of this unexpected victory are clear.

    The Republican majority in the Senate will narrow, considerably improving the chances Democrats could gain control of the chamber in the 2018 mid-term elections.

    It could also be seen as a rebuke of President Donald Trump, who gave full-throated support to Roy Moore even when other leaders in his party were hesitant.

    After winning governor races in Virginia and New Jersey in November, some Democratic supporters will be hoping that an anti-Trump electoral wave is forming.

    But Moore was such a flawed candidate that it may be too early to tell.

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  • Perhaps democrats are learning that the super loyalty of the right despite reason or morality needs to be met with a commitment of their own.

    Simple morality and decency is the winning flag to gather around and show loyalty to.

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  • It seems that amid the smokescreen of scandal and bluster from the extreme right, Moore, and Trump, Doug Jones is the decency and law candidate, who actually does something defending the ordinary people.

    Who is Doug Jones?

    Mr Jones told his supporters in a victory speech that the “entire race has been about dignity and respect”.

    “This campaign has been about the rule of law. This campaign has been about common courtesy and decency and making sure everyone in this state, regardless of which zip code you live in, is going to get a fair shake in life,” he said before the crowd erupted in cheers.

    The 63-year-old is a former lawyer known for helping convict two Ku Klux Klan members who bombed a black church in 1963 in Birmingham, killing four girls. He has never held elected office.

    Mr Jones’ victory has been credited to an unusually high turnout of black voters.
    Exit polls also suggest 56% of women voted for him.

    The election will reduce the Republican majority in the Senate to 51-49.

    However, Luther Strange – the Republican appointed to replace Mr Sessions as an interim senator in February – is likely to remain in the seat until early January.

    This means the party will still have time to pass its tax-cut bill and vote on any year-end budgetary resolutions, but after that the window for legislative success narrows considerably, says the BBC’s Anthony Zurcher.

    After Mr Jones takes his seat, the Republicans can only afford to lose one vote – in the event of a 50-50 split Vice-President Mike Pence will have the casting vote.

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  • It a delight to see some real splits forming in the evangelical right.

    Some useful ammunition here, not least Galli’s own impoverished ideas of morality.

    This all leads me to believe the right charge for us is centred on the need the the secular left to be far more assertive of its moral credentials.

    Politics that concerns itself with morality for salvation is not politics. Politics is about all that we know we hold in common… the here, the now.

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  • phil rimmer #5
    Dec 13, 2017 at 9:46 am

    It a delight to see some real splits forming in the evangelical right.

    There was an interesting link on the RDFS homepage to this New Yorker article, which looks at the smoke and mirrors aspects of Moore posing to the believing gullible faith-thinking sheeple, who do not check information sources!

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  • quarecuss, #7

    A lifetime’s indoctrination has turned his brain to pulp, just as it was always intended to do. Not only does he know nothing beyond the limited teachings of his church, he is unable and unwilling to learn anything beyond the limited teachings of his church. Because anything other than what he hears in church is of the devil.

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  • Fantastic news about the Alabama result.

    The Washington Post has a helpful breakdown of how various demographic groups voted:

    No surprises there, I guess, but it does show why the Republicans constantly try to make it difficult for black voters to vote, and how important it is to push back against that at every turn. I sincerely hope this result will give heart to black voters in other states and make them realise that they really can make an important difference.

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  • Good news, but frankly, it’s hard to celebrate the loss of a major election when the guy running was this bad, was an actual fascist theocrat, a dyed-in-the-wool racist and bigot. They don’t come any worse. But good news, still. Certainly not bad news.

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  • I know. It’s Alabama. I know. It’s a good thing. But it’s pathetic and disturbing that there are still so, so many backwards places and still so many stubborn ignorant (undereducated, exploited) people incapable of changing their minds. (Brain damage from flu shots? Maybe not. Just kidding.) He’ll probably be voted out in the next election. When does he get seated? Not clear about that.

    Why do you look at the glass half-filled? (kidding)

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  • Bannon, an indefatigable fascist revolutionary, will, along with other degenerates like him, continue to do what he’s been doing, will continue to work behind the scenes, run Breitbart, disseminate lies, conspiracies, and propaganda, and promote reactionaries, theocrats, kleptocrats and plutocrats. And he will blame the liberal media for Moore’s loss.

    Trump just spoke on the Whitehouse lawn about the Tax Bill. All lies, I am sure. Has anything really changed? I am not about to go waving my arms in joy. Not quite yet.

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  • Well one thing’s for damn sure, it was never Trump himself who tweeted the polite congratulatory message to Doug Jones Tuesday night. No inappropriate caps and even a dash in “write-in”. Someone must have grabbed his iPhone while he was beddy bye byes. The one next morning spelling media wrong is more in his wheelhouse:

    Wow, more than 90% of Fake News Media coverage of me is negative, with numerous forced retractions of untrue stories. Hence my use of Social Media, the only way to get the truth out. Much of Mainstream Meadia has become a joke! @foxandfriends [Twitter for iPhone]

    No matter how he tries to spin it Trump has backed the wrong horse three times in a row now – the Virginia governor’s race and now twice in Alabama. As with the many WH staff who have come and then quickly had to go as skeletons fell out of their closets it’s clear that Trump is simply awful at choosing people. As his political capital shrinks steadily I wonder at what point the Repugs in congress will start deserting him like rats?

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  • This “fake news” crap really has to stop. It is so fascistic it isn’t even funny. Trump needs to go. Needs. But what we need and what will be are two very different things.

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  • @OP – link – And, yes, he told an African-American at a rally during this campaign that America was last great during the time of slavery “when families were united – even though we had slavery”.

    Perhaps that’s why African-Americans turned out in greater numbers than usual, to support the anti-Ku Klux Klan lawyer Jones, who stood against him!

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  • @OP – link – Despite America’s formal separation of church and state,
    Mr Moore believes “god’s laws are always superior to man’s”.
    He says Christianity should be favoured by the state.

    . . . . and this man was allowed to work as a judge, until his wilful violations of the constitution became too much even for Alabama!

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  • Dan #19
    Dec 14, 2017 at 1:25 am

    This “fake news” crap really has to stop. It is so fascistic it isn’t even funny. Trump needs to go.

    Trump is becoming recognised world-wide for his false claims that criticisms of himself, his appointed propagandist stooges, and his followers are “fake news”!

    While Trump-base may swallow Trump’s lies, many in Europe and elsewhere are are very much aware of the empty denials he continually spouts!

    Here are comments from the Ex-British prime Minister David Cameron:-

    David Cameron: Trump misuse of term fake news is dangerous

    Mr Cameron, who was UK prime minister until 2016, said Mr Trump’s criticism of CNN and the BBC was “not just a questionable political tactic – it’s actually dangerous”.

    He also accused Russia of spreading anti-western propaganda.

    Mr Cameron made the claims at an anti-corruption conference in London.

    He said “misappropriation” of the term “fake news” deflected attention away from real abuses of democracy.

    Describing how “real democracy” is the “biggest weapon” against corruption, he argued that without rigorous journalism “fake news” is better able to get a foothold.

    “When Donald Trump uses the term ‘fake news’ to describe CNN and the BBC, that is not just a questionable political tactic – it’s actually dangerous,” he said.

    “Let me put it like this, President Trump: fake news is not broadcasters criticising you, it’s Russian bots and trolls targeting your democracy – pumping out untrue stories day after day, night after night.

    “When you misappropriate the term fake news, you are deflecting attention from real abuses.

    “Ignoring what’s happening on social media is facilitating a form of corruption that is undermining democracy,” he said.

    Mr Cameron also used his wide-ranging lecture at the conference organised by anti-corruption agency Transparency International, to turn his fire on Russia.

    He argued that it is “almost always autocratic, illiberal, anti-democratic states” that use “corruption as a weapon of foreign policy” to “interfere in other countries’ affairs, buying influence through gift-giving and donations for political campaigns”.

    “In its stead – thanks to the growth of technology and the increasing domination of social media – propaganda, misinformation and ‘fake news’ are better able to get a foothold,” he said.

    “There’s the danger that will then squeeze out the genuine scrutineers and drown out the genuine reporting – some of it at the behest of those foreign governments I’ve just talked about.”

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  • Meanwhile the scurrilous Roy Moore is concocting legal action to try to delay the Democrats taking their seat!

    Roy Moore files last-minute lawsuit challenging Alabama result

    Republican Roy Moore, who lost a recent Alabama senate election to his Democrat rival Doug Jones, has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to challenge the result.

    The lawsuit was filed the day before officials were due to certify Mr Jones the winner – two weeks after the vote.

    He refused to concede to Mr Jones, who won narrowly by about 20,000 votes.

    Mr Moore’s lawsuit alleges that there were voting irregularities in 20 precincts and calls for a fraud investigation and a new election.

    One of the election experts cited in the suit is Richard Charnin, a conspiracy theorist who also claims there was widespread voter fraud against Donald Trump in the presidential election.

    Mr Moore’s lawyer said the purpose of the complaint was to “preserve evidence of potential election fraud and to postpone the certification of Alabama’s Special Election by Secretary of State John Merrill until a thorough investigation of potential election fraud, that improperly altered the outcome of this election”.

    Mr Merrill told the Associated Press on Wednesday that he had no intention of delaying the canvassing board meeting and certification of the winner.

    “It is not going to delay certification and Doug Jones will be certified [on Thursday] at 1 pm and he will be sworn in by Vice-President Pence on 3 January,” Mr Merrill said.

    Conspiracy theories have spread in online conservative groups since the election, alleging without evidence that black voters were bussed in from other states to vote for Mr Jones.

    Mr Merrill said he had so far found no evidence of voter fraud, but pledged that his office would investigate any complaint submitted by Mr Moore.

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