As an EPA intern, I was barred from mentioning climate change

Jan 8, 2018

By Katie Miller

In many ways, the Environmental Protection Agency was exactly what I expected when I arrived as a summer intern in June: cubicles decorated with pictures of polar bears, employees who made actual small talk about the environment, acronyms for everything. But there were clues that this was an agency under siege in the Trump administration, and before my time there had ended, I saw them firsthand.

Just under the surface, fear and loathing had taken hold. My colleagues lowered their voices to discuss political matters, but they talked openly about “before” and “after,” referring to the inauguration. Some seemed to put on a mask at work, clenching their teeth and smiling every time the new administration came up in conversation. One man told me he’d worked at the EPA during many administrations and had never felt so discouraged. No wonder more than 700 people, including more than 200 scientists, have left since President Trump took office.

After an orientation with the other summer interns, I focused on my work on the communications team for the Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, part of the Office of Land and Emergency Management. My first job was to update the titles and summaries of Federal Register notices using plain language and an active voice. I spent time entering numbers into an Excel spreadsheet. I responded to citizen inquiries, edited documents, made calls, attended meetings. Intern stuff.

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4 comments on “As an EPA intern, I was barred from mentioning climate change

  • @OP – link – “So, part of my job as an intern has been to remove any mention of climate change from social media accounts.
    What is the reasoning behind taking information away from the public, instead of allowing them to see it and come to their own conclusions?”

    He paused for a brief second.
    “No, I think that actually we’re trying to start a discussion about it.”

    Which is political double talk for: “We are trying to suppress the information and discussion about it”!

    I rephrased my question, and he gave me an equally dissatisfying answer, referring me to his assistant.

    . . . Ducking the question because he is either seeking employment as a dishonest Trump propaganda stooge, or is too uneducated, bigoted, ignorant, and incompetent, to give coherent answers on that subject!

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  • quarecuss #2
    Jan 9, 2018 at 11:43 am

    good article on this

    The linked article, does indeed outline the sheer cluelessness, unfilled senior posts, and administration and leadership void, of the Trump so-called administration!

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