Being An Atheist Shows You That Every Minute Is Sacred

Jan 3, 2018

By Lianna Brinded

My father died when I was 21, and I was devastated to realize what he’d miss seeing. He’d never see the bulbs he planted that year bloom into flowers. He’d never see me flourish in my career. He’d never walk me down the aisle at my wedding.

As an atheist, I knew that was it. My father wasn’t looking down upon me from some cushy cloud, with harp music in the background. I could take no comfort in belief in an afterlife, or the notion that life on earth is just a journey towards some spiritual payoff in another dimension. I’m pretty convinced that what we do here and now is all that we get.

His death only strengthened my belief—which was also his—that every second, minute, hour, and day is sacred.

From a young age, I knew I was an atheist. Having seen no scientific evidence of a higher celestial being to change my mind, I have remained an atheist to this day.

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3 comments on “Being An Atheist Shows You That Every Minute Is Sacred

  • The only thing we have is our experiences and memories.
    To affect negatively, others lives is something that lasts forever. That includes the animals who also only experience the gift for a short period of time.

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  • In my youth I took everything for granted. Then in my twenties, the conscious declaration to myself that there just wasn’t anything up there – that we were all on a big rock hurtling through space, and then, three years living in a third world country where suffering and misery are in full view, both of these experiences made me grateful for every good thing in my life and caused me to wake up every day saying – Wow! Yay! Thanks (to nobody) for another day!

    Go ahead. Call me Pollyanna. I don’t care! Haha! Laughing all the way to the grave! Haha!

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  • “From a young age I knew I was an atheist”……same here. When I get a raised eyebrow from those who hear I am an atheist, I tell them I have been one since I was old enough to think….around 11 years old. Nothing has caused me to rethink that position since, in the slightest.

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