Can you be good without God? Boy Scouts face the question

Jan 11, 2018

By Katherine Burgess

In 2013, the Boy Scouts of America rescinded its ban on gay members. Two years later, it voted to allow gay adults in leadership.

By 2017, the scouts announced that transgender boys would be allowed to join. And in October, the scouts announced that girls can become members.

The one group still excluded by the Boy Scouts? People who don’t believe in God.

“That was a cornerstone to growing developmentally as youth do, that they need to have a belief in a higher power,” said Brian Nastase, scout executive for the area Quivira Council. “And a belief in God means we are open to all faiths. We have Jewish scouts, we have Muslim scouts, Christian scouts, Buddhist scouts. It’s probably the most diverse organization in the city of Wichita, maybe even the country.”

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4 comments on “Can you be good without God? Boy Scouts face the question

  • @OP link – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    will begin its own program for boys age 14-18 next year
    after announcing that it would end its relationship with the Boy Scouts.

    Clearly if the bigots are leaving because transgender members are being accepted, Humanists should do likewise, but set up inclusive secular youth organisations, leaving the woo-addled, scouts to fade away just like the ageing church congregations around them!

    A part of scout law reads that,
    “A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties.

    The woo-addled leadership just can’t keep their god-delusions out of other people’s lives! (and NO we do not owe “DUTIES” to anyone’s imaginary sky-fairies!)

    He respects the beliefs of others.”

    You have to laugh at the irony, when scouts exclude atheists because of their lack of supernatural beliefs, while promising to “respect the beliefs of others”! Still That’s the cognitive dissonance of faith!

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  • And this is why I was asked not to come back to Boy Scouts. They found out I didn’t go to church and that was it.
    That was 1967. And the Scoutmaster was a teacher and the wrestling coach at the HS I was going to. I found out years later that one of the “assistant” Scoutmasters had been outed as a molester.
    What a mess.

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  • Alan4- The real dissonance comes in the argument for faith being required for goodness and morality. Christianity offers absolutely no incentive to be good. Do whatever you like so long as you suck up to Jesus in the end. Given an apology and acceptance of a savior from the final bunker and Hitler waltzes into heaven a free man.

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  • @OP – Can you be good without God?

    Surely the question should be: “Can you be good with divisive god-delusions in your head?”

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