Question of the Week: 01/30/2018


    The music industry recently spent an evening congratulating itself with the Grammy Awards, so let’s consider an imaginary Grammys just for us. If there were an award for the music that best promoted or inspired a love of science and reason, for any time period, who or what do you think should win?

    Our favorite answer will win a copy of Brief Candle in the Dark by Richard Dawkins.

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    1. I agree with Laura that Gershwin’s “It Ain’t necessarily So” is a very good answer to this question. An effective scientist must be always asking “But what if this is not quite right?” In short, an effective scientist must be always asking questions, not pompously pontificating about ‘facts’.

    2. If “Space Oddity” played any role in Elon Musk becoming who he is, it has done a marvellous job already.
      Otherwise my own personal favourite is “Saved” by Shelley Segal.

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