Stephen Hawking Is Worried About Humanity’s Future

Jan 8, 2018

By Stephanie Pappas

Stephen Hawking turns space explorer in his second-ever episode of “Favorite Places,” an Emmy-winning series that sees the famed physicist explore Venus, the sun and deep space.

Hawking narrates the CGI-heavy episode, which airs on on Monday (Jan. 8). In the episode, Hawking is piloting a spacecraft past his childhood vacation spot in Dorset, England, expounding on his search for the “theory of everything” — an understanding of humanity’s place in the universe and why the laws of physics seem so precisely tuned to support life in the solar system.

“It’s these fundamental mysteries that drive me on my quest for a theory of everything,” Hawking says.

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    aroundtown says:

    Even the most intelligent among us are downplayed these days. As refers to Mr. Hawking’s concerns generally I will add the appropriate ditto! Duck everyone, the near future looks like a bumpy ride. Seatbelts will be required for this journey, I believe.

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