Florida Responds To Shooting By Forcing Schools To Post ‘In God We Trust’ Signs

Feb 22, 2018

By Michael Stone

In response to the recent school shooting every Florida school will now be forced to post “In God We Trust” signs.

The Associated Press reports:

Every Florida school and school administrative building will have to prominently display “In God we trust” under a bill passed by the Florida House.

The House on Wednesday approved the bill on a 97-10 vote.

According to the report, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kimberly Daniels, cited the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, during her closing speech on the bill:

Daniels said that God is the “light” and “our schools need light in them like never before.”

She added that gun issues need to be addressed, but the “real thing that needs to be addressed are issues of the heart.”

Seventeen people were killed last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. No imaginary God stopped the shooter, and any trust placed in that imaginary God is trust misplaced.

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45 comments on “Florida Responds To Shooting By Forcing Schools To Post ‘In God We Trust’ Signs

  • From the article linked above:

    According to the report, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kimberly Daniels, cited the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, during her closing speech on the bill:

    Daniels said that God is the “light” and “our schools need light in them like never before.”

    She added that gun issues need to be addressed, but the “real thing that needs to be addressed are issues of the heart.”

    If schools need light then they need to call in the electricians to remedy the problem. What other kind of “light” is there?

    “Issues of the heart” means…what? The heart is a pump. That’s it. A pump.

    The only correct statement she made is that “gun issues need to be addressed.”

    I don’t know for sure but it seems like those (proposed) signs saying “In God We Trust” are in imminent danger of vandalism. You know, high schoolers can be like that sometimes. I’m not suggesting it, just making a statement of probability, that’s all.

    The fact that the Florida House approved this bill 97-10 is indicative of the degree of divide that Americans find ourselves in at this time. Brainwashed religionists vs. secular rational thinkers.

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  • @OP – In response to the recent school shooting every Florida school will now be forced to post “In God We Trust” signs.

    SSSssshhh…… The people might spot that they really mean – “In th NRA and Trump we trust”!

    Ahead of the NRA leader’s speech, Trump tweeted his support for LaPierre and others in the organization, calling them “Great People and Great American Patriots” who will “do the right thing.”

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  • @#3 – Ah! Those “GREAT” Republican sponsors of Trumpy stooges, with their freedumb from regulation, and LEAVE IT TO GOD, beliefs!

    We don’t believe in mending bolts on stable doors, and when the understaffed, under-trained, public service FBI ‘hoss-wranglers’ WE have underfunded, are chasing horses around the prairie, we will be the first to blame THEM, when they miss a few, and some of the horses escape and run wild!”

    . . . . . Along with blaming anyone but themselves for the dire consequences of their actions and inactions!

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  • alf1200 #5
    Feb 22, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Maybe the kids can hide behind the sign when the shooting starts.
    That’s the only chance the sign will do anything.

    Who needs protection from automatic weapons in the hands of the deranged – when they have promises of god’s protection from the delusional gun-worshippers?! 🙂

    Anyone who believes benefits to the world come from gods on the basis of assurances from preachers, will have no problem in believing that benefits to the USA come from electing Trump, on the basis of assurances from Trump and the worshipping Trumpies!

    Re: OP image: – You might have thought that anyone with intelligence would have spotted the level of efficacy of trusting god to regulate money and sub-prime banking!

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  • Apparently, god is like a vampire – he needs to be invited in to school, otherwise those atheist communists are able keep him out like they’re a garlic necklace.

    I’d take their motto and hang it prominently, in the toilet.

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  • rogeroney #10
    Feb 22, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    I’d take their motto and hang it prominently, in the toilet.

    I’d be careful about that – what with those priests and altar boys using toilets in Catholic establishments!

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  • It seems that on a large school campus, with many buildings, and multiple entrances, armed security guards, or police may not instantly know where an attacker is, or who he is!

    Perhaps “good-guys” and “bad guys” don’t wear badges or uniforms to distinguish them from each other!


    An armed officer assigned to the Florida school where a gunman killed 17 people last week stood outside the building during the shooting and did not intervene, the local sheriff says.

    Deputy Scot Peterson has resigned after being suspended, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.

    “I am devastated. Sick to my stomach. He never went in,” Sheriff Israel said.

    Earlier this week President Trump said arming school teachers could prevent school shootings.

    The proposal has long been championed by the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) gun lobby.

    He said video footage showed Mr Peterson arriving at the building where the shooting broke out about 90 seconds after the first shots were fired, and that he remained outside for about four minutes. The attack lasted six minutes, Sheriff Israel said.

    Asked what Mr Peterson should have done, Sheriff Israel said: “Went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer.”

    Mr Peterson is yet to publicly comment on what happened. Officers are reportedly guarding his home.

    The gunman used a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle, police say, and escaped the scene before being seen and arrested later.

    Mr Trump floated the idea of arming teachers at a White House event on Wednesday where he heard from survivors of the Florida school shooting,

    Discussing school safety with state and local officials on Thursday, he explained why he believed that it would work, saying:
    “Shooters won’t walk into a school if 20% of people have guns.”

    Perhaps -like the gunman who made his escape among the students, the shooters would walk in AMONG the 20% carrying guns, – and panicked children from the 20% would then set about directing “friendly-fire” at each other!

    @#4 “We don’t believe in mending bolts on stable doors, and when the understaffed, under-trained, public service FBI ‘hoss-wranglers’ WE have underfunded, are chasing horses around the prairie, we will be the first to blame THEM, when they miss a few, and some of the horses escape and run wild!”

    The Republican “Wild-West” gun-nuts and the NRA – sponsored by profits from the gun sales, could then retrospectively play the blame game, with airs of pseudo-expert understanding and “moral righteousness”!

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  • Alan4discussion #12
    Feb 23, 2018 at 6:15 am

    It seems that on a large school campus, with many buildings, and multiple entrances, armed security guards, or police may not instantly know where an attacker is, or who he is!

    Not only that but it seems police spent quite a long time trying to find Cruz by watching cctv footage which they thought was live but was actually 20 minutes old. While they were sending officers running to where they would see him in the video and then puzzle over why he wasn’t there Cruz had actually long since left the school and gone to a diner. It’s pretty much only dumb luck that someone spotted him and arrested him.

    You might think that when the police watching the video didn’t see the other police they were sending into classrooms to find Cruz appearing on their screen they might have twigged it wasn’t live video but apparently not!

    This whole incident seems to have been a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Police, social services, FBI and sherrif’s deputy all failing to do anything constructive to prevent this in advance or stop it once it was happening.

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  • Arkrid Sandwich #13
    Feb 23, 2018 at 7:06 am

    This whole incident seems to have been a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Police, social services, FBI and sherrif’s deputy all failing to do anything constructive to prevent this in advance or stop it once it was happening.

    It sounds like the standard US right-wing politically elected officials’ attempts at management, organisation, and administration!
    No coherent plan, no pre-emptive action or effective communication up-front, but with a last-minute macho confrontation as a proposed solution – followed by a scapegoating blame game!

    To anyone familiar with schools in Europe, these macho-fumble-brained pseudo-solutions, are pathetic!

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  • S’funny isn’t it how the religious right are so concerned about the rights of embryos but don’t give a fuck about actual children. You can’t have an abortion any time from conception onwards because that’s killing one of god’s souls but fuck the actual kids who die in school shootings.

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  • If Darwin saw this nation right now, he’d be rethinking his theory.

    These kids have got the Florida Congress and federal Congress dismissing their legitimate outrage, Pepe Le Pew accusing them of capitalizing on a tragedy, and cyber-trolls ridiculing them.

    These are kids who watched their friends get brutally gunned down!

    They have a march planned on March 24th in D.C., as well as sister cities across the country. Already an estimated 500,000 are expected in D.C., and I plan on being one of them.


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  • Alan4discussion #12

    Perhaps “good-guys” and “bad guys” don’t wear badges or uniforms to
    distinguish them from each other!

    Sure they do. The goodies have the white stetsons and the baddies wear the black ones.

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  • Meanwhile – behind the diversionary smoke-screen distraction of cheering Conservative conferences and NRA school shooting stupidity:-


    US President Donald Trump’s former deputy campaign manager has admitted charges of conspiracy and lying to investigators in a plea deal.

    Rick Gates pledged to co-operate in “any and all matters” with the US special counsel’s inquiry into alleged Russian political meddling in the US.

    Mr Gates, 45, had been indicted on more serious criminal counts, including bank fraud and money laundering.

    Ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was hit with new charges on Friday.

    On Friday, Mr Gates admitted to lying to the FBI about a March 2013 meeting in Washington with a US lawmaker while Mr Manafort was present.

    Mr Gates falsely claimed Ukraine was not discussed, according to the indictment.

    Sentencing guidelines for him suggest a prison term of between 57 and 71 months. He could have been locked up for decades under the more serious charges.

    Special counsel Robert Mueller could petition the court for a reduced sentence depending on how much Mr Gates co-operates.

    On Friday afternoon, Mr Mueller piled the pressure on Mr Manafort by filing a third indictment against him.

    He accused Mr Manafort of secretly hiring former senior European politicians to lobby in the US for positions favourable to Ukraine.

    The ex-politicians, dubbed the Hapsburg Group, were allegedly paid from an offshore account for their lobbying efforts.

    The indictment says the group was led by a former European chancellor, identified in the charge sheet only as Foreign Politician A.

    These charges and Mr Gates’ plea deal come a day after both men were indicted on 32 additional criminal counts.

    Mr Mueller’s team alleged in a 32-count indictment on Thursday that Mr Gates and Mr Manafort concealed more than $30m of income from US tax authorities.

    Mr Gates was accused of hiding more than $3m of income and using the cash to pay for his mortgage, children’s tuition and re-decorating his Virginia home.

    The court filing charged the pair with a scheme to defraud the US by making false representations to banks and other financial institutions between 2008-17.

    Both men pleaded not guilty in October when they were first indicted on charges of laundering $75m through an offshore account.

    They were also accused of illegally lobbying for a foreign government, Ukraine, without first registering in that capacity with the US government.

    Nineteen people – including Mr Manafort and Mr Gates – have been indicted by the special counsel.

    Michael Flynn, a former US national security adviser, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI over meetings he had with the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kislyak.

    George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign adviser, admitted lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russians.

    Last week, 13 Russians were charged with tampering in the 2016 US election and a California man, Richard Pinedo, admitted an identity theft charge.

    This week a London-based lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan, pleaded guilty in court to making false statements when questioned about his work for Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice.

    Mr Trump has said there was no collusion.

    Ah! Those “good” patriots – hand picked by Trump!

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  • These low-lifes only respect money – so hitting their pockets sounds like an excellent idea!


    U.S. Companies Abandon the NRA as Boycott Call Grows
    Symantec, MetLife, and others offering benefits to the group’s members dropped their association following the Parkland massacre.

    A call to boycott the National Rifle Association became the top trend on Twitter as users of the global social media platform demanded that a variety of companies sever ties with the lobbying group.

    The online furor comes a day after the NRA’s leaders attacked the media and Democrats, claiming the fallout from last week’s Florida high school massacre was being politicized.

    One user, with almost a quarter of a million followers, tagged a slew of brands in his post, including NRA partners Hertz Corp. and LifeLock Inc. “There are only 5 million NRA members but over 300 million of us! Businesses have a choice whose business they prefer,” tweeted another.

    On Friday, LifeLock owner Symantec, Hertz, Avis Budget, North American and Allied Van Lines, and insurer MetLife announced they would break off from the NRA. “Symantec has stopped its discount program with the National Rifle Association,” a spokesperson said in an emailed statement. A MetLife spokesman said “we value all our customers but have decided to end our discount program with the NRA.” Security systems maker Simplisafe Inc. also dropped the gun group today.

    The five million-member NRA has partnerships with dozens of businesses, ranging from car rentals to hotels, and even offers a branded credit card. First National Bank of Omaha, which backs the card, said it would not renew its contract. Enterprise Holdings Inc., which operates Alamo and National car rentals as well, said it had ended its participation effective March 26. Wyndham Hotel Group LLC announced it was “no longer affiliated with the NRA.”

    In a statement Friday, insurer Chubb said it told the NRA three months ago that it would “discontinue participation in the NRA Carry Guard insurance program under the terms of our contract.”

    Still, some companies continue to have a relationship with the group, while others associated with it didn’t return requests for comment. HotelPlanner.com, unmoved by the controversy, said it would stick by the NRA.

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  • It seems like Trump has finally triggered some widespread citizen action in response to revulsion against his lunatic pronouncements!


    NEW YORK (Reuters) – The fallout over last week’s shooting rampage at a Florida high school started to take its toll on the National Rifle Association’s roster of corporate partners on Friday as a half dozen companies severed marketing ties with the gun advocacy organization.

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  • Meanwhile the NRA’s chief sock puppet continues to assert nonsensical admiration for deplorables, their vested interests, and their stupidity!

    Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump

    What many people don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, is that Wayne, Chris and the folks who work so hard at the @NRA are Great People and Great American Patriots.
    They love our Country and will do the right thing.
    2:31 PM – Feb 22, 2018

    Yep! Make the American presidency, the GREAT LUNATIC LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD!

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  • Unlike the bought stooges, it seems other people can THINK through the issues!


    Two major US airlines have joined a growing list of companies to cut ties with the National Rifle Association following the Florida school shooting.

    United and Delta airlines have both announced they are ending discounts for NRA members.

    The killing of 17 people in Florida has revived the gun control debate in the US, with student survivors playing a leading role in calling for change.

    Firms with links to the US gun lobby have faced calls for a boycott.

    Activists have flooded the NRA’s corporate partners with comments on social media under the hashtag #BoycottNRA.

    United and Delta airlines were the latest firms on Saturday to drop their ties to the powerful gun advocacy organisation.
    Between them they fly more than 300 million passengers a year.

    The suspect in the attack, Nikolas Cruz, was said to be obsessed with guns and bought the semi-automatic rifle he allegedly used at the school in Parkland legally last year while aged 18.

    I see that those who want to fob-off critics with superficial token support, suggest banning 18year-olds from buying guns, while totally failing to address the in-depth big issues of the sea of guns infesting the USA!

    For those of little brain, we need to point out, that most of these guns have no other purpose apart from attacking people – and boosting the (small-mind – big-gun) egos, of those with limited education on the perceptions about constructive human social relationships!

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  • Alan4discussion #20

    (Reuters) The fallout over last week’s shooting rampage at a Florida high school
    started to take its toll on the National Rifle Association’s roster of
    corporate partners

    In related commentary (courtesy of the Washington Post), it becomes clearer how this mangy tail is wagging the dog, and could be properly marginalised if the gun control counter-movement becomes emboldened:

    The NRA, and the gun rights movement more broadly, is fragile, weak, ripe for defeat. While there are 270 million guns in America, ownership is shockingly concentrated: half the guns are owned by 3 percent of gun owners. Gun ownership drops precipitously among younger people, with no sign of a rebound — certainly not after the Parkland shooting, as teens recoil at the NRA’s vision for America.
    What’s more, the NRA represents a tiny minority of voters, and only a minority of gun owners. It has prevailed against the majority of Americans who favor stronger gun control laws — 90 percent of whom want universal background checks, for example — by persuading or threatening lawmakers to heed its will, over and against their constituents. This worked fine so long as voters did not prioritize gun control and ignored the outrageous laws around them. But now things might change. For the NRA, the game is almost up. It’s long past time.

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  • @OP – No imaginary God stopped the shooter, and any trust placed in that imaginary God is trust misplaced.

    If the Republican NRA and gun manufacturers’ Georgia stooges have their way, reliance on God while the flow of guns continues, will leave many vulnerable!


    Legislators in the US state of Georgia have passed a bill denying Delta Air Lines a tax break after the firm cut ties with the US gun lobby.

    The Atlanta-based airline ended its discount for members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) after a Florida school shooting left 17 people dead.

    Georgia Republicans vowed to strip a bill of a jet fuel tax exemption that would benefit the carrier as a result.

    Delta is one of several firms to end relations with the NRA in recent days.

    The state’s House of Representatives and Senate, both controlled by Republicans, passed a sweeping tax package within hours of each other on Thursday that was amended to exclude a $50m (£36m) sales-tax exemption.

    Delta irritated state lawmakers on Saturday after it dropped its discount for NRA members in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on 14 February.

    Those “”caring Republicans””, have rushed to defend the poor little NRA members from being forced to pay the regular air-fare without discount, by that “mean discriminating airline”! 🙂

    Delta joined United Airlines and several other American companies in dropping ties to the powerful gun advocacy organisation after activists called for a boycott of the NRA’s corporate partners on social media.

    The company said it was taking a “neutral” position on the debate despite abandoning its partnership with the NRA.

    Georgia Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle threatened to block the legislation containing the lucrative tax exemption earlier this week unless the company reversed its decision.

    “I will kill any tax legislation that benefits @Delta unless the company changes its position and fully reinstates its relationship with @NRA,” Mr Cagle wrote on Twitter.

    “Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back.”

    The Georgia tax bill will now go to the desk of Republican Governor Nathan Deal, who is expected to sign it into law.

    I think it is VERY clear whose interests these Republicans represent, and it is NOT the interests of the ordinary citizens in their electorate!

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  • I think US national defence spending could be slashed. The one time only expense of putting up giant crosses, ten commandment and “In God We Trust” plaques at ports and tattooing them in mile high lettering across the country for incoming nukes should do the trick forever more.

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  • While Trump blunders on as an obstructive irrelevance, some parts of corporate America are taking action!


    The world’s biggest investment management firm is stepping up pressure on companies that make and sell guns after the Florida school shooting.

    BlackRock Inc is considering offering investors the chance not to invest in gun firms, and is asking those firms how they monitor safe use of weapons.

    The US corporation said the Florida shooting on 14 February, in which 17 people died, required a response.

    It is the largest shareholder in two of the biggest US gun manufacturers.

    “As it has for many people, the recent tragedy in Florida has driven home for BlackRock the terrible toll from gun violence in America,” the corporation said on its website.

    “We believe that this event requires response and action from a wide range of entities across both the public and private sectors.”

    What is BlackRock Inc?

    It is the world’s largest fund manager.

    BlackRock manages more than £4 trillion ($5 trillion) worth of investments and pension funds worldwide and is often consulted by governments.

    The company is the largest shareholder in leading gun makers Sturm, Ruger & Co and American Outdoor Brands (formerly Smith & Wesson).

    BlackRock is also a large shareholder in firms such as Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods which sell guns.

    But these shares represent a tiny fraction of its total assets.

    It would also help if anyone with a pension fund pressured providers to opt for “ethical investments” – with divestment from guns, armaments, polluters etc.!

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  • Not that any written text will influence the likelihood of a school shooting one way or the other, but I would be happy to see the prescribed text on a wall, but preferably slightly enhanced by a small addition:- ‘In good we trust’

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  • I see that the gun-obsessed fanatics of the NRA are suing Florida – even over this minimalist, token, largely ineffective restriction, on gun sales and ownership!


    The National Rifle Association (NRA) is suing Florida after it passed a gun control law in the wake of a school shooting that left 17 people dead.

    Governor Rick Scott, a staunch ally of the gun lobby, enacted the bill, which the NRA says violates the constitution.

    The law raises the legal age for buying rifles in Florida, but also allows the training and arming of school staff.

    It does not ban semi-automatic rifles like the one used in the 14 February massacre in Parkland.

    But it does introduce a three-day waiting period on all gun sales and a ban on bump stocks, a device that enables semi-automatic rifles to fire hundreds of rounds a minute.

    What’s in the new law?

    It raises the minimum age for buying rifles from 18 to 21 in the state – although 18, 19 and 20-year-old police officers and members of the security forces will still be able to buy rifles and shotguns

    It bans bump stocks – devices that raise the firing speed of semi-automatic rifles

    It introduces a three-day waiting period on all gun purchases (previously this only applied when people bought handguns)

    It makes it easier for police to confiscate weapons and ammunition from people who are deemed to pose a threat of violent behaviour (a measure that has been proposed by five other states in the last month, according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence)

    It allows school staff to carry guns, with the agreement of their school district authorities and sheriff’s department. This is already allowed in the states of Wyoming, South Dakota, Tennessee, Georgia, Kansas and Texas

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  • alf1200 #5
    Feb 22, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Maybe the kids can hide behind the sign when the shooting starts.
    That’s the only chance the sign will do anything.


    A 13-year-old girl in Mississippi has died after allegedly being shot by her nine-year-old brother over a video game, police say.

    They said the boy grabbed a gun on Saturday afternoon after his sister would not give up the controller.

    He allegedly shot her from behind, and the bullet entered her brain.

    A local sheriff announced on Sunday that the teen had died of her injuries in a Memphis hospital. It was unclear how the boy obtained the gun.

    It is also unclear what consequences the nine-year-old will face.

    The children’s mother was in another room, feeding other children lunch at the time of the incident.

    Police are still investigating the circumstances of the shooting, including how the weapon – a .25 calibre handgun – was accessed.

    Clearly – according to the Trump-NRA “theory of gun safety”, the girl did not have another gun with which to defend herself from her “bad little brother”!! 🙂

    “He’s just nine,” Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell told the Clarion Ledger.

    “I assume he’s seen this on video games or TV. I don’t know if he knew exactly what this would do. I can’t answer that. I do know it’s a tragedy.”

    The US gun culture certainly regularly portrays macho, gun-toting film-stars, as heroes shooting up lots of people designated as “bad guys”, as a way of settling disputes!

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  • Darwinism in action. Stupid parents leave loaded gun lying around for stupid son to shoot sister with. I think even at 9 I knew enough not to fire a gun at someone. It’s not exactly toddler age like the 4 year old who shot his Facebook gun advocate mum Jamie Gilt in the back a couple of years ago with the gun she’d left on the back seat of the car. That one really made me laugh.

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  • Alan4discussion #29
    Mar 10, 2018 at 4:15 pm

    I see that the gun-obsessed fanatics of the NRA are suing Florida –
    even over this minimalist, token, largely ineffective restriction,
    on gun sales and ownership!

    Meanwhile – back in the real world of acess to guns:-


    Police in the US state of Maryland are responding to reports of several people shot at a high school.

    Gunfire was reported on Tuesday morning at Great Mills High School in St Mary’s County, about 65 miles (104km) south-east of Washington DC.

    St Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office says the incident has been contained. Some 1,600 students attend the school in the community of Great Mills.

    It comes a month after a high school shooter killed 17 in Parkland, Florida.

    According to sheriff’s office spokeswoman Cpl Julie Yingling, three people were shot, including the shooter.

    All three people have been transported to hospital, and no fatalities have been reported.

    WJLA News reports that the shooter was “taken down” by a school security officer after the incident began.

    The shooting comes four days before the March for Our Lives rally for student safety inspired by the 14 February massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in southern Florida.

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  • Perhaps some context would help!


    Canada introduces new gun control measures

    They include tougher background checks, including screening people with a history of violence.

    Proposed measures also include making retailers keep records of gun inventories and sales and giving police access to the records when warranted.

    Crime rates in Canada have been on a long decline but gun-related homicides and gun violence have increased.

    Gun violence in Canada is much lower than in the United States, but higher than in Europe and other many Western countries.

    Firearm offences have also been on the rise in Canada in recent years.

    In 2016, here were 2,465 criminal violations involving firearms, an increase of 30% since 2013, according to federal government figures.

    Of all the murders in the US in 2012, 60% were by firearm compared with 31% in Canada.

    However, 18.2% of the murders in Australia were committed with guns and 10% in the UK.

    Perhaps these figures JUST MIGHT be related to different gun accessibility and control policies! 🙂

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  • Let’s see if US politicians act on the calls from their electors or if they simply pay token lip service for a short while, before continuing to act as NRA stooges!


    Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets across the US to call for tighter gun control.

    The March For Our Lives movement was formed after a high-school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month.

    Student leader and Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez gave a powerful speech at the main Washington DC event.

    She listed the names of the 17 victims – and then stayed silent on stage for six minutes, 20 seconds – the time it took for them to be shot and killed.

    More than 800 sister protests were planned nationwide and abroad, with solidarity events taking place in Edinburgh, London, Geneva, Sydney and Tokyo.

    Participants want to seize on public outrage in the wake of the 14 February massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland to convince US politicians to finally take decisive action, including by banning the sale of assault weapons.

    However, the issue divides Americans. The right to bear arms is protected under the 2nd amendment of the US constitution and the National Rifle Association (NRA) gun lobby remains highly influential.

    President Donald Trump is at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida for the weekend.

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  • Stupid parents leave loaded gun lying around for stupid son to shoot sister with. I think even at 9 I knew enough not to fire a gun at someone.

    Arkrid, The problem also lies with the emotional state of the person with the access to
    firearm. Even older people, previously not violent will do stupid things when emotions are involved.
    People aren’t as responsible as they were in the past. And there are more of us packed
    into the same area competing for scraps.

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  • alf

    There is a difference in parenting nowadays too. When I was a kid I wouldn’t have dared to touch the guns in the gun rack because I knew I’d get knocked across the room and worse than that. Believe me, I’m not advocating the old brutal ways. I’m bitter about it but if guns are left around the house and kids are used to a nice egalitarian relationship in their home then what’s stopping them from playing with that gun? They have no understanding of the permanence of death and weak understanding of consequences in general so if they’re not petrified of a beating (part of a good ole authoritarian upbringing) then the only thing between them and the gun is a safe.

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  • Some Americans must be getting the message that the proliferation of gun sales is the problem!


    The oldest gun manufacturer in the US, Remington Outdoor, has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of slumping sales.

    The firm, founded more than 200 years ago, filed for bankruptcy protection to cut a deal with its creditors.

    Remington’s chief financial officer said the company’s sales dropped significantly in the year before its bankruptcy, court papers show.

    The filing comes amid fresh demands for greater gun control in the US.

    Some US retailers have raised the age limit for certain firearms purchases to 21 or stopped stocking semi-automatic weapons.

    The FBI processed a record number of background checks on gun purchases during the election year in 2016, but the rate of background checks plunged following Mr Trump’s election.

    However, the Trumpy “wrong brigade”, are again providing a counter-productive influence!

    Analysts say more Americans were buying guns two years ago because they feared a possible Hillary Clinton presidency could usher in gun control policies.

    It is thought that gun sales slowed after Mr Trump took office because firearms enthusiasts generally do not fear a Republican president will try to deprive them of their constitutional right to bear arms.

    Remington, best known for its rifles and shotguns, was founded in 1816.

    After it emerged a Remington rifle was used in the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, victims’ family members filed a lawsuit against the gunmaker.

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  • https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/mar/24/washington-march-for-our-lives-gun-violence

    March for Our Lives – Parkland students guest edit Guardian US

    In a meeting with lawmakers in the aftermath of Parkland, the president had signalled support for stronger background checks on gun purchases and raising the minimum age for buying high-powered rifles.
    But the NRA staunchly opposed these measures and Trump appears to have abandoned the proposals.

    Meanwhile the youth of America have a message for the gun touting stick-in-the-muds!

    A group of student journalists from the Stoneman Douglas newspaper, the Eagle Eye, were invited to guest-edit the Guardian’s US website this weekend.
    Eleven students covered the rally in Washington, interviewing other survivors of gun violence from Stoneman Douglas and elsewhere.

    Parkland student Jordan Khayyami, 15, said:
    “I think that legislatures should be aware that the next generation of voters is right in front of them so if they don’t want to promote change then we will vote for change.”

    The scenes of thousands of students on the streets was overwhelming to many of the victims of gun violence who attended the Washington rally. “I did not expect this. I’m still astounded,” said Mark Barden, whose seven-year-old son Daniel was one of the 20 children murdered at Sandy Hook in 2012. “To me, it looks like our entire nation is finally on board.”

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  • I see the USA has another shooter who thinks perceived grievances are resolved with guns!


    The suspect in a gun attack at YouTube’s HQ in California had expressed anger over its treatment of her video postings, media reports say.

    Police have named Nasim Aghdam, 39, as the suspect but say they are still investigating a motive.

    US media say Aghdam was angry that YouTube was filtering her videos and reducing the money she could make.

    Tuesday’s attack left a man and two women injured with gunshot wounds. The attacker shot herself dead.

    Aghdam has been variously described as a vegan bodybuilder, artist and rapper.

    In January 2017 she posted a video complaining that YouTube was filtering her content, leading to fewer views.

    Aghdam’s father, Ismail, told local US media she was angry because YouTube had stopped paying her for videos.

    Video posters can receive money from linked advertisements but the company can “de-monetise” channels for various reasons, taking adverts off. It is unclear if this happened with Aghdam’s material.

    Her father told police she might go to YouTube as she “hated the company”, local media said.

    Jaclyn Corin, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland – the site of a deadly shooting in February – tweeted that the attack demonstrated the US had a “gun problem”.

    A parent of one of the Parkland victims echoed that sentiment, writing that “the bottom line is, we need to deal with the issue of gun violence”.

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  • In the UK, in addition to strict regulation, rather than pretending that citizens are “entitled to be armed to the teeth”, strong pre-emptive action is taken against those who build up arsenals of weapons!


    A former A&E consultant has been jailed for 12 years for possessing firearms with intent to endanger life.

    Dr Martin Watt, who worked at Monklands Hospital in Airdrie from 1994, was sacked in 2012 following disciplinary proceedings.

    The 62-year-old from Cumbernauld was later found with three sub-machine guns, two pistols, ammunition and an “assassination list”.

    He was found guilty last month after a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

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  • Meanwhile, as the younger generation protest about unnecessarily being exposed to gunfire because of feckless bought-stooge politicians and reckless inadequate regulation of sales of guns, – in the land of the gun-worshipping nutters the NRA is getting even more donations:-


    In the wake of one of the deadliest US high school shootings, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has raised its biggest haul in donations in 15 years.

    The powerful gun lobby’s political fund raised $2.4 million (£1.7 million) in March, filings submitted to the Federal Elections Commissions (FEC) show.

    The total marks the most it has raised in a single month since June 2003.

    March was the group’s first month of fundraising since the Parkland school shooting in Florida left 17 dead.

    Most of the donations, which was $1.5m more than it raised last year during the same period, came from donors who gave less than $200 (£143), FEC records show.

    This is not the first time a shooting has resulted in a boost in donations. The NRA raised $1.1m (£787,000) and $1.5m (£1m) in January and February 2013, just after the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.

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  • The shootings are increasing in frequency also.
    We are now seeing several in a smaller time frame.
    This is a trend that will continue to increase.
    How much is acceptable? Is this the breaking point?

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  • Meanwhile: – Back in the UK where massacres like the one in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland are very rare, there is a very different approach to gun sales and ownership:-


    Two men have been arrested over an attempt to import a “deadly haul of firearms” similar to those used in mass shootings in the United States.

    The weapons, including two AR-15 assault rifles and four handguns, were found by Border Force officers at Dover in April, hidden in the floor of a van.

    That type of rifle was used in recent shootings at a Florida school and music festival in Las Vegas.

    The men, from Essex, were held on suspicion of importation offences.

    The pair, both 31 and from the Basildon area, were arrested after warrants at five locations in Essex were executed by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

    Houses were also searched and “several thousand pounds in cash” was recovered, the NCA said.

    The firearms were hidden in a special compartment in the floor of a Peugeot van being brought into the country on the back of a flat-bed truck.

    Paul Morgan, from the Border Force, said the compartment could only be opened electronically, “altered with the sole purpose of smuggling in mind”.

    The 66-year-old driver, from Grays, Essex, was arrested on suspicion of firearms importation and was later released while inquiries continue.

    In the UK such weapons AND associated crime-related cash, will be confiscated, and those responsible prosecuted!

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  • The NRA seems to think US gun regulations need to be relaxed!
    Perhaps they would like the citizens to think the present regulations actually work in keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals and terrorists!


    Los Angeles authorities have seized a staggering stash of more than 500 firearms – all from a single convicted felon, according to a report.

    “The case is a testament to the community’s involvement in reducing crime and taking guns out of the hands of criminals,” Sheriff Jim McDonnell said.

    Errrr no!
    It is a testament of the failure to deal with the issue of mass gun ownership in the first place. Catching one or two of the ones which got away, is no real cause for celebration!

    Fernandez was busted on suspicion of being a felon in possession of firearms, a felon in possession of ammo and possession of large-capacity magazines.

    His bail was set at $35,000, and he bonded out of jail Friday.

    . . . and he was then released!

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  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45481527

    A 12-year-old US boy accused of walking into a classroom with a handgun, pointing it at his teacher and pulling the trigger is in custody on a charge of attempted murder.

    The gun did not go off as the safety was on. The teacher then managed to talk him down and disarm him, court papers say.

    The incident happened at a junior high school in Iowa on 31 August.

    The school was put on lockdown and police seized the gun.

    The boy is alleged to have walked into the classroom at North Scott junior high school in Eldridge with a handgun and ordered everyone to the floor.

    He pointed the gun, which had one round in the chamber, at the teacher’s face and pulled the trigger, according to the documents.

    Ah! The America, where insecure minds, with big egos powered by small brains, think their status and intellectual standing is enhanced by waving big guns!

    In civilised countries 12 year olds do not have ready access to guns or ammunition, so consequently they can be disciplined in schools, without the need to be imprisoned!

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