Memphis Pastor Andy Savage, Who Assaulted Teen Girl, Finally Resigns from Church

Mar 20, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

Andy Savage is the megachurch leader from Memphis who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl two decades ago when he was her youth pastor. The victim went public with her story earlier this year, detailing how Savage drove her to a secluded area, whipped out his penis, and pressured her into giving him oral sex.

Or, as he now refers to the whole encounter, that “incident.”

Savage finally came clean to the entire Highpoint Church congregation in January — without going into any of the details — and the members gave him a standing ovation for it. His colleagues subsequently announced that Savage would be taking a “leave of absence” while they investigated the situation.

The church also took down the video of his “apology,” perhaps hoping they could destroy evidence of how low evangelicals have sunk, but the New York Times saved a copy before it was taken down and recently posted a video of Jules Woodson — the woman Savage assaulted all those years ago — watching it and reacting.

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