Supporters, opponents of ‘In God We Trust’ display square off at Wentzville City Hall

Mar 2, 2018

By Nassim Benchaabane

WENTZVILLE • Dozens of people packed Wentzville City Hall on Wednesday night to rally behind a display of “In God We Trust” in the City Council chambers.

But their show of support didn’t stop several opponents of the motto’s display from voicing their opposition to the council.

The motto has been on display in large letters on the council dais since the building opened in November.

Mayor Nick Guccione said the display was paid for with private funds, as were decals with the motto that are on city police cars and at the police station.

Guccione said the local Rotary Club paid for the decals and the local Kiwanis Club paid for the sign in city hall. He said the board had discussed and voted on the sign and had sought legal counsel before putting the lettering up.

He said it was not an issue until he recognized the sign and the group’s funding for it at a public meeting a few weeks ago, when he claims opponents heard of the sign and took to social media.

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