9 essential lessons from psychology to understand the Trump era

Apr 25, 2018

By Brian Resnick

In January 2017, when then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer tried to claim that President Donald Trump’s inauguration was the most-watched in history, it felt like the beginning of a new, dark era of politics and public life.

As it has matured, the Trump era of conservative politics is increasingly defined by its tribalism and fear and the fracturing of our sense of a shared reality.

And it’s pretty disorienting.

I’ve spent much of the past several years reporting on political psychology, asking the country’s foremost experts on human behavior some variation of, “What the hell is going on in the United States?”

Thankfully, at a time when we really need answers, they often deliver.

Here are the social science lessons I keep coming back to, to help me explain what’s happening in America in the Trump era. Perhaps you’ll find them helpful too.

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One comment on “9 essential lessons from psychology to understand the Trump era”

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    flyingfsck says:

    Trump is a traditional politician. He plays all sides of all issues. He is for and against everything. He expertly turns his cloak to the wind. Just like Cicero, he will do anything to further the American cause and stimulate the US economy and the common people appreciate that and see the cloak turning and sleaze as simple entertainment. The people are happy with it all, as long as he provides bread and circuses.

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