David Barton: Church/State Separation Means Christians Shouldn’t Pay Taxes

Apr 2, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

It’s pretty easy to find examples of how Christian pseudo-historian David Barton doesn’t understand history. Or math. Or the Constitution. Or how to earn a Ph.D.

He doesn’t understand separation of church and state, either, because he claimed on his “WallBuilders Live” radio show on Friday that the concept ought to mean Christians shouldn’t have to pay taxes.

“If [supporters of church/state separation] really believe that, why do they take tax money from people who go to church?” Barton asked. “People who go to church shouldn’t have to be required to put tax money into the state if there is a separation of church and state. Religion is funding the state, so how come they don’t argue that?”

“They are saying I can’t take my kids and take them out of state education because that is religious,” he added. “If they think I’m religious, why would they take my tax dollars and put it into the state?”

How the hell is Barton the Christian Right’s “smart” guy…?

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5 comments on “David Barton: Church/State Separation Means Christians Shouldn’t Pay Taxes

  • Sounds like the best reason ever for becoming a god botherer. But…does that mean that my pensions, health care etc would be withdrawn? Perhaps it’s not such a good idea after all. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s – I’m surprised that he hasn’t read that bit of the bible.

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  • And your kids can’t use the public schools and no public library and the snow plows will skip the section of road in front of your house and your garbage won’t be picked up…on and on…I’m sure Jesus will come to the rescue.

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  • Dear David,

    If you believe you shouldn’t have to pay taxes, please please stop paying them.

    You can serve as a test case to prove whether Separation of Church and State means what you say it does. And when you go to prison perhaps you’ll have time to read the part of your Bible which says ‘Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s’, because you clearly have been too busy to bother reading it so far

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  • @OP – How the hell is Barton the Christian Right’s “smart” guy…?

    Clearly he is “asserted badge label smart”, in the same way that “faith” is asserted to be, and labelled “logical” and “reasonable” by its adherents! . . . and the same way that blindly following dogmas and doctrines, is asserted to be, and labelled “good” or “virtuous” by the indoctrinated.
    “Intelligent Design”, is similarly labelled “science”, Trump appointments are labelled labelled “GREAT”, and preacher babble is labelled “true”, but the collectively agreed assertive fake labelling by the ignorant or deluded, should not be conflated with the correct dictionary use of terminology or actual competence in a subject area!

    In short, he is only “smart”, when viewed by the blind leading the blind, or the dim leading the dim!

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  • I had an older lady come to my garage sale and state she should have a discount because she was a “christian”
    Basically, she was saying anyone who wasn’t a christian should pay more.
    I doubled the price for her and gave her a ten percent discount.

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