Ken Ham Hits Back at Christian Geologist Who Lists 21 Reasons Why Noah’s Flood Never Happened

Apr 10, 2018

By Stoyan Zaimov

Young Earth Creationist and Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham has slammed an article by a Christian geologist who has listed 21 reasons why he thinks Noah’s worldwide flood account in the Bible never happened.

Ham said Monday on Facebook that the article, “Twenty-One Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never Happened,” is “sad,” because it’s not only wrong, but also because the author, Lorence G. Collins, is a professing Christian.

Ham, who’s also the president of the Ark Encounter attraction in Kentucky, takes aim at the claims made in the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry article, published in the March/April issue, which suggests that Creationists are “less imbued with scientific thinking.”

“Many Creationists love science, of course, and are quite knowledgeable,” Ham insisted, before listing the credentials of several scientists working at AiG.

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9 comments on “Ken Ham Hits Back at Christian Geologist Who Lists 21 Reasons Why Noah’s Flood Never Happened

  • @OP link – In the video,
    Ham summarizes Collins’ main argument against the flood as “it could never happen,
    because it takes millions of years for layers to be laid down.”

    . . . and as we know – the Hammy YEC delusion, claims the Earth is much too young because of bishop Ussher’s whimsical calculation published in 1650 and based on counting generations in Bible Stories, says so!

    “We need an eye-witness who was there to tell (the story), and a reliable witness,” Snelling says, noting that Collins’ authority should be God’s Word.

    Ah! the scientists weren’t there when the the rocks were laid down and as we know YECs are science deniers and science duffers, preferring the believe their god-delusions WERE THERE when the rock layers were laid down!

    Well, how do they know? They weren’t there in the past,” the AiG geologist continues.

    You have to laugh at the label! “An AiG GEOLOGIST”! (Grossly incompetent, or simply using dishonest compartmentalisation)

    I think “An AiG Young-Earth geologist”, is the equivalent of “a flat Earth astronomer”, in terms of scientific competence and integrity!

    But hey! I have actually read studies in geology and astronomy, which are more recent than 1650, so I have probably spotted a few scientific items which Ham missed! 🙂

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  • Alan4,
    I love your “flat earth astronomer”!!!

    But, make no mistake, there are those that are grossly mismatched with beliefs and occupation. I, for example, work with (and am quite close friends with) a creationist physicist. Very very bizarre to me to understand something like a light year, comprehend that there are things that are millions of light years away, then turn around and ‘believe” that the universe is thousands of years old.

    like a virgin prostitute.
    or a Trump president.

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  • @OP – Ham said Monday on Facebook that the article,
    “Twenty-One Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never Happened,”
    is “sad,” because it’s not only wrong,
    but also because the author,
    Lorence G. Collins, is a professing Christian.

    Poor old delusional Hammy is incredulous, that an educated Christian recognises that the Bible is not a science text-book, and that the Noah story (a Jewish version copied from the earlier Gilgamesh story), is fanciful folk-law, not history!

    Poor Hammy’s god-delusion being told by Christians his YEC pseudo-science is wrong for numerous well evidenced scientific reasons!
    What is the world coming too – when YECs who award themselves “scientist badges”, have no credibility among real scientists – religious or otherwise! 🙂

    It is indeed sad that scientifically educated people have to point this out to science-denying YECs in the 21st. century!

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  • If you think Ken Ham is mad then do a search for Sye Ten Bruggencate. I was on Youtube a while back and came across The Atheist Experience videos with Matt Dillahunty. It’s an atheist group in Austin Texas, formed mainly by ex theists. Matt was an evangelical for 25 years before realising there was no evidence for his beliefs. He hosts a phone in program each week with a guest and theists are welcome to call and ask questions. He’s a very clever bloke with an encyclopedic knowledge of the bible as well as most of the science that crops up in such debates like evolition, formation of the solar system and earth, big bang etc. Anyway there’s a 2 hour video of him debating Bruggencate if you can force yourself to watch that long. It’s pretty painful. Bruggencate makes Ham look like a paragon of rationality.

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  • I see this link is on the RDFS home page’
    Last week, we pointed out that Ken Ham was having troubling finding employees for the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. He had full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions available, but not many takers.

    That may be because the application requires everyone — from tour guide to plumber — to include their “salvation testimony” (that they’ve been saved by Jesus), their “Creation belief statement” (that evolution as we know it is a lie and the Earth is only a few thousand years old), and “Confirmation of your agreement with the AiG Statement of Faith”

    Clearly the delusion is deep at “Ark Encounter”!

    Of course wish-thinking creationists, are probably pretty useless at actually running practical enterprises, and as we know, dogmatic wish-thinkers frequently disagree with each other, and are not capable of, or open to, reasoned argument!

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  • I had a work colleague, very good at his job (IT project management), and seemingly “normal”. One day he passed my desk to chat and browsed my lunchtime reading. I don’t remember the title, but it was about population movements over the last 20-100,000 years. Reading the book summary on the dust jacket, he was visibly shaken, and from the brief conversation following it was clear he thought the world was a few thousand years old, and this 20-100,000 years business was a lot to swallow. (Lucky I wasn’t reading about anything going into deeper time than that.)

    Our relationship remained cordial and professional, but I couldn’t help but see him in a different light after that. And no doubt vice-versa.

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  • MadEnglishman

    How, on earth, does someone go through life not stumbling on other books or articles in magazines/papers etc, and acknowledge another reality other than the one in his head. I have tried to teach people practical skills and realise some people just haven’t got it and will and get themselves stuck in a loop but this is ridiculous.

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