Question of the Week – 4/25/18

Apr 24, 2018

This past Sunday was Earth Day. (Maybe there is also a Proxima b Day?) If you did anything to mark the occasion, what was it? What do you think is the best way for all of us to celebrate Earth Day?

Our favorite answer will win a copy of Brief Candle in the Dark by Richard Dawkins.

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5 comments on “Question of the Week – 4/25/18

  • I did absolutely nothing to mark the occasion because every day is earth day. The earth simply doesn’t care and is indifferent to our folly. When we express belief in “saving the planet” we are actually expressing belief in saving ourselves. This is obvious. And that’s ok. It’s clearly an understandable pursuit but it’s intellectually dishonest to couch it as “saving the planet”. We should change it to “Human Day” and applaud our honesty.

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  • If you did anything to mark the occasion,

    It was nothing to do with “Earth Day”, as I took my 4 year old granddaughter along the beach, digging in the sand, looking at shells and shellfish in the sun-warmed rock pools, and when we went into the shingle-lined sea caves worn in the cliffs, we were definitely inside the Earth!

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  • Nothing special. Turn off all the lights and power bars to my equipment when I left home, took a walk on my acreage and looked how the trees survived our long and harsh winter and started planning what I should plant this year to make my place greener and beneficial to my furry and feathery friends.
    Why would I celebrate the Earth 1 day? I find these celebrations (international women’s day, too) to be a veiled admission of guilt and not much more. We know we do something wrong and for a day we pretend to be activists for these causes, but get back to the status quo tomorrow.
    We all should do these actions all year long, without being told. Then we could use these “special” days to monitor the status of our past commitments, celebrate our achievements and make new commitments for the following year.

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  • Earth Day is just an ordinary day; yet social media was flooded with #SaveTheEarth and #EarthDay, pictures of “activists” with banners. This is good for spreading awareness, but we have to actually take action. The Earth does not know, or care that we are waving banners to commemorate the day. Not just endangered animals and plants are in danger, we are putting ourselves at risk by continuing to do this. We as humans have to remember that we are just another species that inhabits this Earth, and even with new technological advances we are still vulnerable to the effects of pollution and global warming. It is absolute stupidity to think that it is alright to polute the environment that we depend on, although sometimes indirectly. The microplastics polluting the environment are eaten by fish, and guess who have to eat the fish? Us. We are just harming ourselves and everything else on this planet by doing this, and it benefits no one. We should be doing this every day, not just on “Earth Day”. It is rather selfish to call this Earth Day, because in the end we are just doing this for the possible survival of the human race.

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