Supreme Court Won’t Hear Christian Group’s Case Involving Giant Cross in MI

Apr 3, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

The Supreme Court announced today that it would not hear a case involving a giant hydraulic cross that had been going up in Grand Haven, Michigan several times a year until the city decided to take it down. That’s exactly what supporters of church/state separation were hoping for.

The cross on Dewey Hill had come under fire in 2014, and local atheists soon convinced the city council to put an end to the government promotion of religion. Ever since then, however, Christians have been trying to fight back.

In 2015, Christians who were furious about losing a privilege they never deserved in the first place formed a group called “Citizens of Grand Haven” and filed a lawsuit asking the court to reverse the city council’s decision.

Their case was dismissed later that year in large part because the organization wasn’t real (it was only created to file this lawsuit) and because the members were anonymous. They soon filed a new lawsuit, this time without the anonymity.

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