Dr. Oz is a quack. Now Trump’s appointing him to be a health adviser.

May 7, 2018

By Julia Belluz

If you’ve wondered whatever happened to the snake oil–peddling celebrity physician Dr. Oz, and whether he’s still going strong, look no further than this news nugget today: President Donald Trump just announced he’ll appoint Oz to his Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition.

Along with other sports and health celebrities — including the New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick — Oz is expected to serve on the council, created in 1956 with the aim of promoting “regular physical activity and good nutrition.”

According to Axios, the administration is concerned that “youth sports participation has declined over the last decade, particularly among young girls and children from economically distressed communities.” And of all the health experts to turn to, the president chose Oz.

Trump did this presumably not only because he has a penchant for celebrity and showmanship, both of which Dr. Oz has in droves. He did this because, despite Oz’s years of misuses and abuses of science, his years of misleading the public on health, Oz remains “America’s doctor.”

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7 comments on “Dr. Oz is a quack. Now Trump’s appointing him to be a health adviser.

  • Roger, and of course Trump is the ideal image for a child.
    Slim, healthy diet, great personality, polite, intelligent, honest, hardworking, and I need a lobotomy.

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  • Oz is a qualified surgeon who knows that what he does is dishonest and hurtful. He is the worst type of garbage.

    Here’s why: many of these jack offs are deluded, deranged, dumbasses who literally think that they are doing “right” and “good”. They NEVER are self aware. They NEVER self examine. They NEVER second guess. They live a predictable linear life. Easy to predict their moves, easy to spot their motives, easy to explain their motivations.

    Oz knows that he’s capitalizing on others suffering. He has hurt way way way more people than he has helped. He sold out and hangs on the fringes of this shit show —- FOR A FEE. He looks the other way and bites his tongue — FOR A FEE. he loans credibility to the idiocy — FOR A FEE. He is not going to ‘heaven”; he knows that… he knows there is no heaven but will sell his influence on any matter and has ZERO character.

    He is a willing, eyes open participant, who could easily use his platform to espouse proper science, but instead has colluded with the charlatans — FOR A FEE. I wouldn’t want him near me, my family, or my students, and the motherfucker is piped into our houses on a daily basis and now will have input into policy. The shit show expands.

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  • Crooked

    I totally agree about Oz. How many times do we have to explain that these people are NOT benign! They do harm every day. I used to read about those traveling snake oil salesmen back in frontier days who made a living out of their horse drawn wagons, selling who the hell knows what to gullible ignorant country folk. The poor things were desperate for medical help and probably hastened their own demise by drinking random nostrums concocted by ignoramuses. That was then and to be generous, maybe the best they could do then. But now? These people should be held accountable for their bad actions and the harm they do to many sick people.

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  • I do agree with all the comments here by the way. All I was saying is that he should have the guts to confess and face the consequences if my scenario is as true. He may have just outsmarted himself? It is a selfish and dangerous act to continue. I have said so on Turkish FB pages and got in trouble for it. I am happy to report that there are others out there in the commmunity that speak up against him as I do. Others…..well…..sheeples!!!!

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