Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals – study

May 22, 2018

By Damian Carrington

Humankind is revealed as simultaneously insignificant and utterly dominant in the grand scheme of life on Earth by a groundbreaking new assessment of all life on the planet.

The world’s 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01% of all living things, according to the study. Yet since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of plants, while livestock kept by humans abounds.

The new work is the first comprehensive estimate of the weight of every class of living creature and overturns some long-held assumptions. Bacteria are indeed a major life form – 13% of everything – but plants overshadow everything, representing 82% of all living matter. All other creatures, from insects to fungi, to fish and animals, make up just 5% of the world’s biomass.

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One comment on “Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals – study”

  • 2302 comments (now closed) on this guardian article in one day
    many of them about overpopulation
    but the elephant (not endangered) in the room
    is the fact that about a billion of those elite humans
    all loyal to the automan empire
    insist on being carried (littered) around
    in a ton and more of private machinery
    that has a footprint thousands of times greater than a walking human
    that uses massive amounts of energy
    that turns millions of other life forms to carcass
    and carnage in collisions and by pollution
    we are on the highway to hell (on earth)

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