Inside the Fight Against America’s Wave of Anti-LGBT Adoption Bills

May 17, 2018

By Samantha Allen

On May 11, Oklahoma became the eighth state to allow state-licensed child welfare agencies to cite religious beliefs in order to discriminate against LGBT people looking to foster or adopt children.

The Sooner State won’t be the last, either: Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer has already said that he “look[s] forward to signing” a similar bill that has already cleared the legislature.

Both of these laws are notable losses for LGBT advocates in a year that has mostly seen the failure of anti-LGBT bills, as The Washington Post noted this April.

Legal challenges already underway could reverse the rising tide of anti-LGBT adoption bills: Troy Stevenson, executive director for the advocacy group Freedom Oklahoma, told The Daily Beast that they have retained counsel and are “definitely filing” a lawsuit, but still determining the best timing.

The American Civil Liberties Union already has a lawsuit underway against a similar anti-LGBT adoption law in Michigan, which took effect in June 2015.

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One comment on “Inside the Fight Against America’s Wave of Anti-LGBT Adoption Bills”

  • @OP – On May 11, Oklahoma became the eighth state to allow state-licensed child welfare agencies to cite religious beliefs in order to discriminate against LGBT people looking to foster or adopt children.

    . . . and as we know from history, theocratic agencies (looking through their self-delusion blinkers), are THE best judges of the legal requirements and best interests of children being adopted and will apply THEIR perceptions of their GOD-DELUSION’s LAW regardless of secular state laws! 🙂

    Every adoption agency in Ireland has been involved in illegal child registrations, according to the head of children’s charity Barnardos.

    The discovery of the illegal registrations were described by Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar as “another dark chapter in our history”.

    Fergus Findlay, from Barnardos, said it was “a scandal”.

    He added, however, that “it’s not a new one and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone”.

    Ireland’s child and family agency Tusla said that of the 126 people uncovered so far, 79 may be “entirely unaware of the circumstances of their birth”.

    Tusla found evidence of the 126 illegal registrations after it gained the records of former adoption agency St Patrick’s Guild, which ended its operation in 2004.

    Speaking in the Dáil (Irish parliament), Mr Varadkar said there are potentially “hundreds of thousands” further illegal adoption registration records.

    When asked if the revelations were the “tip of the iceberg”, he replied that an initial scoping exercise looking at the records of other adoption agencies will take place and that, if there is an evidence, a full analysis will be carried out.

    Mr Finlay, the chief executive of Barnardos, told Irish national broadcaster RTÉ that an investigation needs to be carried out into at least 150,000 adoptions.

    He said he would be “amazed” if at least 10% of those cases were not found to be illegal.

    “It is a crime against the children because it robbed them of their identity, their heritage, their health histories,” he said.

    He added: “A lot of women were told after their babies were taken from them that their babies had died and not to enquire about them again.

    Ah! The “benefits” of liars for Jesus, in Catholic medical and social services!!!

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