Mike Pence Urges Christian Hate Group to “Share the Good News of Jesus Christ”

May 29, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

In a move that’s absolutely inappropriate if not illegal, Vice President Mike Pence told a group of pastors yesterday to “share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Pence made a surprise appearance at Friday’s Watchman on the Wall conference put on by the Family Research Council, which is designated an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

According the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pence urged the pastors to keep evangelizing.

… Pence outlined how the Trump administration has championed causes important to the evangelical community and implored them to continue to, “share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Keep preaching the good news. Keep preaching in season and out of season as the Bible says. Always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have,” he continued.

“Forty years ago this spring, I literally walked down and gave my life to Jesus Christ and so I just want you to continue [to] share the gospel, share that life changing message,” he shared.

Pence also told the pastors what this administration had done for them — which is a rarity, considering how little they’ve done for anybody else. He referred to stacking the courts with ultra-conservative candidates, the U.S. embassy now in Jerusalem, their efforts to repeal the Johnson Amendment (so pastors can endorse candidates from the pulpit without their churches losing their tax breaks). And he even celebrated Trump’s anti-abortion stance.

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2 comments on “Mike Pence Urges Christian Hate Group to “Share the Good News of Jesus Christ”

  • @OP – Vice President Mike Pence told a group of pastors yesterday to “share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

    I think that would be the “ink-blot-Jesus” of any projected bigotry any self deluder wants to wave a bible over!

    It’s a bit like “the good news” that Trump is president – using the circular theist (No-true-Scotsman) definition of “good”!

    I think this corrupt administration, also gives a whole new meaning to the title and role of “VICE-president”!

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  • Mike Pence Urges Christian Hate Group to “Share the Good News of Jesus Christ”

    Bbbbut the “Good-News” needs to be shared with the poor, all over the world, so obviously this requires a jet-set life-style for its self-glorifying preachers – funded by the poor – who get all this “good-news” in return!
    – As Trump would say – A “GREAT” deal!!


    US preacher asks followers to help buy fourth private jet

    A US televangelist has asked his followers to help fund his fourth private jet – because Jesus “wouldn’t be riding a donkey”.

    Jesse Duplantis said God had told him to buy a Falcoln 7X for $54m (£41m).

    He added he was hesitant about the purchase at first, but said God had told him: “I didn’t ask you to pay for it. I asked you to believe for it.”

    Although preachers owning private jets is not unusual, this particular appeal has caused controversy.

    Twitter users responded to the request with disbelief, with many quoting Bible verses warning against greed and “false prophets”, or suggesting that the money could be better used to help the poor.

    In a video address posted on his website, 68-year-old Mr Duplantis explained: “You know, I’ve owned three different jets in my life, and I’ve used them and just burning them up for the Lord Jesus Christ.

    “Now, some people believe that preachers shouldn’t have jets. I really believe that preachers ought to go on every available voice, every available outlet, to get this Gospel preached to the world.”

    Standing beside framed pictures of his current fleet, he said that the jet he bought 12 years ago was no longer sufficient for his ministry because he could not fly non-stop, meaning he had to pay “exorbitant” refuelling costs.

    Another picture which appeared in the video showed the preacher standing with the three aircraft, above the caption: “It’s not about possessions, it’s about priorities.”

    Mr Duplantis justified the request by saying that Jesus had told people to “go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, now how we gonna do that? I can’t live long enough to travel by car or by ship or by train, but I can do it by an aeroplane”.

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