OR School District Allegedly Made LGBTQ Students Read Bible Verses as Punishment

May 9, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

The North Bend School District in Oregon is being accused of two wildly discriminatory practices.

According to a letter sent back in March from the Oregon Department of Education to District Superintendent Bill Yester, one LGBTQ student was allegedly told to read Bible passages as punishment while others in the school were supposedly discriminated against after reporting harassment.

The hope was to reach a private settlement between the two sides within a month of that first letter, but it never happened. Now there will be a hearing on May 24 to discuss the issues.

In a written statement to The World, the North Bend School District said that these alleged events occurred over the course of several years, “most of which had not been brought to the district’s attention.”

“The district participated in the ODE investigation process, resulting in preliminary finding that… discrimination may have occurred,” the statement said.

“May” have occurred? The evidence that the problems did occur seems reliable enough:

Even though the district denies [using Bible reading as a punishment] in a letter sent on Aug. 23, while the investigation was ongoing, ODE stated in the March 6 letter that the building administrator contradicted that claim. In fact, he acknowledged in an interview with ODE that he required students to read the Bible for punishment. Not only that, but the building administrator’s supervisor confirmed this.

There was also substantial evidence that using the Bible as punishment had a “chilling effect on LGBTQ students’ use of the district’s complaint process.”

The building administrator plays a role in the other accusation as well. His child (“Student 4”) reportedly yelled out a slur at two same-sex students holding hands. The District told the administrator to “discuss the matter” as a parent, which suggests a more formal punishment wouldn’t be in play.

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  • Watching episodes of The Atheist Experience on youtube with Matt Dillahunty it’s very obvious that most christians have very limited knowledge of their bible. They’ll happily tell you it’s the most important book in their world but clearly they’ve never actually read it. They don’t know for example it endorses slavery, murder of children, rape, human sacrifice to god and abortion. Even the ones who prefer to stay away from the Old Testament and quote the more touchy-feely “turn the other cheek” New Testament might be unaware that Jesus said he wasn’t here to rescind any of god’s laws like you must kill homosexuals or children who disobey their parents or anyone who breaks the Sabbath and that he was perfectly fine with slavery too. In fact he told slaves to obey their owners, especially the cruel ones, who are allowed to beat them with iron rods as long as they don’t die within 2 days. Surviving into the third day is just fine and dandy, no harm no foul, but if they snuff it within 2 days then the tribe should punish the owner. Not too much though because he’s already suffered the loss of a valuable slave.

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