Two Lawsuits Aim to Take Down the Arkansas Capitol’s Ten Commandments Monument

May 24, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

Nearly a month after Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert defied warnings from church/state separation activists and installed a stand-alone Ten Commandments monument outside the State Capitol, multiple groups have filed lawsuits against the state.

You can read the entire saga of the monument here. Most relevant is how Rapert tried putting up this monument last June, but a man literally drove into it, shattering it, the day it was erected. While Rapert quickly got to work replacing the Christian display, it also stalled any potential lawsuits.

With the new monument in place (surrounded by four small concrete barriers), it’s time to fight back.

The first lawsuit comes from a coalition of non-theistic groups, including the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the American Humanist Association, the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, and seven individuals (both religious and nonreligious) who live in the state.

The sole defendant is Secretary of State Mark Martin who allowed all this to happen.

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