Growing Secular Movement Could Indicate Change in Political Tide — Even in Texas

Jun 25, 2018

By David R. Brockman

“The future of American voters is secular.”

So said Sarah Levin of the Washington, D.C., nonprofit Secular Coalition for America, speaking to a standing-room-only crowd at the Texas Democratic Party Convention in Fort Worth Friday. The occasion was the second-ever meeting of the Secular Caucus, a Democratic group aiming to represent the legislative agenda for roughly 6 million nonreligious Texans.

Levin’s prediction probably overstates the case; religious belief in America isn’t going away soon, if ever. But the enthusiastic turnout of about 250 delegates, coupled with candidates’ growing willingness to identify as secular, points to what may be a turn in the political tide — even in religious-right Texas, where the state constitution still mandates that officeholders  “acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being.”

James White, a progressive activist from Dallas who helped to organize the group’s caucuses at the 2016 and 2018 conventions, said that he couldn’t find any candidates willing to speak at the first convention caucus two years ago. The story was very different this time around: a state Senate candidate, three candidates for the state House, and several local government hopefuls signed up to speak.

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One comment on “Growing Secular Movement Could Indicate Change in Political Tide — Even in Texas”

  • @OP – Even in Texas

    Or even in the Catholic befuddled Philippines!

    Philippine bishops hit back after Duterte calls God ‘stupid’

    Mr Duterte provoked the latest furore when he questioned the Biblical story of creation in a televised speech, asking why God had created Adam and Eve only to allow them to cave in to temptation.

    “Who is this stupid God?” said the 73-year-old president in his usual blunt style. “How can you rationalise a God? Do you believe?” he asked viewers in Asia’s largest Catholic country.

    A perfectly reasonable question – given the contorted thinking in the myths!

    The president was a “madman,” charged Bishop Arturo Bastes, urging his flock to pray for an end to Mr Duterte’s “blasphemous utterances and dictatorial tendencies,” reported the AP.

    The president’s “tirade against God and the Bible reveals again that he is a psychological freak, a psychopath, an abnormal mind who should not have been elected as president of our civilised and Christian nation,” he added.

    It’s good to see that bishops’ god-delusions are experts in psychology and objective rational arguments about creation mythology and “original sin”! 🙂

    Psychological projection in spades!! 🙂

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