Justice Kennedy, the pivotal swing vote on the Supreme Court, announces his retirement

Jun 28, 2018

By Robert Barnes

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced Wednesday that he is retiring from the Supreme Court, a move that will give President Trump a chance to replace the pivotal justice and solidify a more conservative majority on the court that plays a crucial role in American life.

“It has been the greatest honor and privilege to serve our nation in the federal judiciary for 43 years, 30 of those years on the Supreme Court,” Kennedy, 81, said in a statement released in the afternoon of the last day of the term. He said his final day will be July 31.

Kennedy’s role at the center of a court equally balanced between more predictable conservatives and more consistent liberals made him the most essential member of the modern court.

His opinions often spoke of “dignity” and “liberty,” and his notions of how the Constitution provides for and protects them had an outsize effect on Americans.

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7 comments on “Justice Kennedy, the pivotal swing vote on the Supreme Court, announces his retirement

  • At the end of a long difficult day yesterday, there was this headline. Icing on the cake. The fundamentalists are giddy. I am wallowing in self-pity and bitter resentment over the thought of another deluded reactionary Justice coming our way here.


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  • This really is a devastating blow. Suddenly it feels as if the last remaining bastion against Trump and his excesses has fallen. Somehow, until now, I’ve been able to hold on to a flickering ray of hope that things won’t really get as bad as, deep down, I’ve feared. But this feels like the day democracy in the US died.

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  • It is still too soon to lose heart. As Rachel Maddow has pointed out (I have been unable to find the video again on YouTube), the Democrats can demand that a new appointee to the US Supreme Court not be considered until after the midterm elections, just as the Republicans refused to consider Barack Obama’s appointee to the same court in 2016 because it was an election year. If the Democrats are united in taking this stand, they will need only one Republican in the Senate to side with them to succeed in blocking any consideration of an appointee to the Supreme Court until after the midterm elections. And there are two or three Republicans in the Senate, all women, who would not like to go down in history as having made possible the reversal Rowe vs Wade and similar legislation that affirms and safeguards human rights.

    Sorry, I still cannot find that video and am out of time.

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  • The timing and nature of this is somewhat murky, as you would expect under this administration.
    Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin, worked closely with the Trump Organization in his role at Deutsche Bank as the global head of real-estate capital markets. He was the man at Deutche Bank in charge of funneling money to Trump, from around 2008, when Trump started his buying spree of real estate around the world after a string of bankruptcies that meant no other Bank would deal with him. Money was moved via the Bank of Cyprus and intermediaries like Manafort with Russian connections. Follow the money …………..

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