Sessions cites Bible to defend immigration policies resulting in family separations

Jun 15, 2018

By Tal Kopan

Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited the Bible on Thursday in defending the Trump administration’s immigration policies — especially those that result in the separation of families — directing his remarks in particular to “church friends.”

“I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13 to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes,” Sessions said. “Orderly and lawful processes are good in themselves. Consistent, fair application of law is in itself a good and moral thing and that protects the weak, it protects the lawful. Our policies that can result in short-term separation of families are not unusual or unjustified.”

The Catholic Church and other religious leaders have voiced strong criticism of policies resulting in family separations and recent moves Sessions has made to restrict asylum.

On Wednesday, the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops criticized the administration, declaring that separating mothers and children at the US border is “immoral.”

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3 comments on “Sessions cites Bible to defend immigration policies resulting in family separations

  • As with pseudo-science, pseudo-economics, and pseudo-policy, the god-deluded use gapology to cover their ignorance. . . . . . .

    So it should be no surprise that bible waving, is used to try to justify segregating children from parents, or slavery, or any sort of abusive activity!
    It just means that he is clueless, and is dishonestly kidding the unquestioning gullible followers of Trumpism, with the usual “god-says-it”, fake badge of authority! !

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  • Vile little Keebler elf Sessions reminds me of Salacious Crumb to Trump’s Jabba the Hutt. Hanging about near him to lick up the morsels of food dropping from Jabba’s greasy drooling mouth.

    Just after the bit that Sessions quotes it goes on to say “love your neighbour as yourself. Love does no harm to a neighbour. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

    But of course bible quoting nutjobs always cherry pick only the bits they want to use.

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