Your Taxes Are Paying for Kids to Learn That Dinosaurs and Humans Lived Together

Jun 4, 2018

By David G. McAfee

Dinosaurs and humans never lived at the same time — not even close — and evolution is a scientific fact, but Florida taxpayers (and the rest of us) are funding schools that rely on textbooks that teach the opposite.

The textbooks in question come mostly from three Christian education companies: Abeka, Bob Jones University Press, and Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). In addition to teaching lies about evolution and dinosaurs, the books teach that slaves who “knew Christ” were better off than free men who weren’t religious, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

At the Orlando Sentinel’s request, educators from Florida colleges and school districts reviewed textbooks and workbooks from these publishers, looking at elementary reading and math, middle school social studies and high school biology materials.

They found numerous instances of distorted history and science lessons that are outside mainstream academics. The books denounce evolution as untrue, for example, and one shows a cartoon of men and dinosaurs together, telling students the Biblical Noah likely brought baby dinosaurs onto his ark. The science books, they added, seem to discourage students from doing experiments or even asking questions.

“Students who have learned science in this kind of environment are not prepared for college experiences,” said Cynthia Bayer, a biology lecturer at the University of Central Florida who reviewed the science books. “They would be intellectually disadvantaged.”

If you’re not asking questions in science class, you’re not doing science.

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  • I beg to differ. Dinosaurs live with humans right now. The dinosaurs are mainly religious or republican or both and cling to outmoded ideas which the nimble mammal newcomers are going to outcompete them on and eventually cause them to go extinct.

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