Atheist Offers Stinging Rebuke to Wentzville (MO) Officials Over Religious Sign

Jul 2, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

Wentzville, Missouri is a city where the Board of Aldermen hold meetings in a room with the words “In God We Trust” looming in front of everybody.

When activist Sally Hunt explained to the Board earlier this year why the phrase was exclusionary, Mayor Nick Guccione told her, falsely, that she had used up her time, before telling cops to take her out of the room. (She has since filed a lawsuit against the city.)

On Wednesday night, another local atheist, Brian Farmer, did two things that were remarkable.

During the public comments section of a Board meeting that night, he condemned the officials for stoking the fire of anti-atheist bigotry. When other citizens said atheists should “leave the country,” for example, the Board never had any criticism for them. It was unacceptable behavior.

Before that, however, Farmer delivered a secular invocation that was inclusive and beautiful — showing the Board that there was no reason to be afraid of people who didn’t believe in God.

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