Climate Change Strengthens Earth’s ‘Heartbeat’ — and That’s Bad News

Jul 26, 2018

By Chelsea Gohd

It’s no secret that human activity is changing the climate, and one new study shows how our influence is seriously affecting Earth’s seasons and atmosphere.

Climate change is much more than rising temperatures and melting ice. In a new study, scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and five otherorganizations show that human action significantly affects the seasonal temperature cycle in the troposphere, or lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere — the layer that we live in where weather occurs.

These researchers used what is known as a “fingerprint” technique, in which they separated human influence from natural influence on climate. This allowed them to isolate human contributions and assess the specific effects of our species. And, while many fingerprint studies explore climate patterns over years and decades, this work shows how humans influence the changing seasons.

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