Humanists campaign for more non-religious NHS ‘chaplains’

Jul 16, 2018

By Catherine Pepinster

For people of faith, when they face serious ill-health or an operation, being able to seek solace in their beliefs is vital. Even more so when they reach the end of life.

Now humanists are campaigning to end what they see as discrimination against non-religious people being treated by the NHS, by urging that chaplains – or what they term non-religious pastoral carers – are hired to cater for non-believers.

Humanists UK has been advertising – including in the Observer – to raise funds to support pastoral workers and train them, because it says there is a disproportionate number of religious chaplains in the NHS, given how many people in the UK do not have religious beliefs. The latest Social Attitudes Survey said 53% of Britons have no religion.

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