LGBTQ activists fear for their freedoms with Kennedy’s retirement

Jul 2, 2018

By Meena Venkatararamenan

How are LGBTQ activists reacting to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement given the role he’s played in their lives?

Some fear it will mean the rollback of protections he helped bring about while others are more optimistic about expanding those new freedoms.

Kennedy, an ideological conservative who was often the swing vote in cases affecting the LGBTQ community, announced his upcoming retirement from the nation’s highest court Wednesday, raising their concerns about the likely nomination of a more conservative justice.

“While often conservative-leaning in his three decades on the court, Justice Anthony Kennedy was also a key vote in several landmark cases that greatly impacted the rights of LGBTQ people in the nation,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD, an organization dedicated to promoting acceptance of LGBTQ individuals in the media.

Log Cabin Republicans, a conservative LGBTQ advocacy organization, agreed.

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2 comments on “LGBTQ activists fear for their freedoms with Kennedy’s retirement

  • Maybe we can expect a mass exodus of American LGBT people over the borders into Canada, or through the airports of Europe.
    I hope that they are shown more sympathy and respect than he shows Latinos.

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  • @OP – LGBTQ activists fear for their freedoms with Kennedy’s retirement

    When ideological bigots come to positions of power and attack minority groups as acts of bullying, this is usually an indication of a clueless empty head which has no constructive ideas for actually doing the job they are being paid for by the public!
    “I may have no idea what I’m doing, but look at me impressively throwing my weight about!”

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