Community schools with no religious observance ‘backed by 60% of Scots’

Aug 28, 2018

By Lynsey Bews

The Humanist Society Scotland is asking parents to support a new petition calling on the Scottish Parliament to give headteachers the right to adopt a “non-religious community schools model” as an alternative to the current non-denominational and denominational system.

Polling by Survation found that 60 per cent of people would support such non-religious schools, open to children of all faiths and none, while 22 per cent neither support or oppose the idea.

A further 10 per cent of those surveyed were opposed while 8 per cent did not know.

At present, Scottish pupils can attend a state-funded, non-denominational school and be “opted-out” of religious observance but the Humanist Society argues this could lead to children being stigmatised among their peers.

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One comment on “Community schools with no religious observance ‘backed by 60% of Scots’”

  • “Darwin in Scotland” is an excellent little book by JF Derry. It makes an cogent case for the influence of Scottish Enlightenment thinking on his own ideas and rigour of thought, channeled through its many universities.

    The numbers here make heartening reading. Few actively wish for religious education.

    The Enlightenment is still working well in perhaps its best home.

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