From Mormon to Secular Agnostic

Aug 23, 2018

I am a fan of Richard Dawkins and of the work that he did as a professor of biology, and I have become increasingly grateful for his tireless work for this foundation. I was a Mormon, but have always held some non-standard views of the church. At one point I was a anti-evolution and even overall anti-science, but certain things like a deep love of the earths prehistory and eventually for the true histories of the people who inhabit it. I snapped out of the darkness of pure religious thought later in my teens, and came to love and appreciate science and the pursuit of truth. Now, I’m on my second year of university, studying linguistics and Canadian indigenous languages and cultures. After some careful thought, I’ve found the truth of science, history, culture and language irreconcilable with the false reality that Mormon faith has painted for me throughout my youth and I no longer wish to return to the proverbial darkness of religion which clouds ones vision. As a Mormon, it is customary for family to mourn their “lost sheep,” and that serves as a great point of fear for me. That and the fear that I now recognize as deep indoctrination and psychological issues that have resulted from years of cultural immersion make it extremely difficult to make the transition. I’ve already adopted a more humanist morality. I’m a vegetarian, and I believe in doing as little harm to anything with a nervous system as I can. As I move forward with this, I will need as much support as I can possibly get and the Richard Dawkins Foundation is a great resource for me to begin. Overall, I’d like to thank this organization for everything it does for those who need a help and advice while they transition from the cultural cloud of faith that surrounds them, to the breath of fresh air that is secular agnosticism.



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