Missouri to investigate potential sexual abuse in Catholic church

Aug 24, 2018

By the Guardian

Missouri is launching an investigation of potential sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic archdiocese of St Louis, the state attorney general, Josh Hawley, said on Thursday.

The announcement follows the bombshell report in Pennsylvania confirming even more widespread sexual abuse by priests across the state than had been previously revealed. Hawley said his office does not have the power to force institutions to cooperate with criminal investigations but was able to launch the inquiry after the archdiocese agreed to help.

“They say they want to cooperate fully and I’m confident they will,” Hawley told reporters on a conference call.

The inquiry initially covers only the archdiocese of St Louis, surrounding the state’s second largest city and one of five Roman Catholic dioceses in Missouri, Hawley said. He asked the bishops of the four other dioceses to agree to cooperate with the investigation.

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