Pseudoscience: Homeopathic hocus-pocus

Aug 15, 2018

By Jon Hauxwell, MD

The nonprofit Center for Inquiry has lodged a federal lawsuit against pharm giant CVS due to its deceptive marketing and sales of “homeopathic” nostrums.

CVS manufactures its own HP products, and sells other brands. CVS is charged with “deliberately fostering the impression through display and placement that they are effective to treat particular complaints, and that they are comparable in efficacy, and regulation to science-based medical products.”

HP is a “pseudoscience,” defined as “a system of theories, assumptions, and methods erroneously regarded as scientific.”

Samuel Hahnemann invented HP in the 1700s, when we hadn’t even discovered Germ Theory yet. Hahnemann knew nothing of today’s molecular chemistry.

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2 comments on “Pseudoscience: Homeopathic hocus-pocus

  • An alternative health centre opened in a nearby town, and ran a two page advertisement in the local paper, dripping with honey (organically produced I’m sure), and making claims for homeopathy and fortune telling. I complained to the Irish Advertising Standards Authority, they upheld my complaint about the claims made for homeopathy. The claim was also made that the centre was a gift to the people of Nxxxx, I pointed out that it was a for profit venture. They dismissed the claims about fortune telling and the claim that it was a gift – too carefully worded.

    However, there was a reprimand issued to the newspaper, but no action taken against the centre whatsoever and no apology ordered to be published. Tell a lie, con hundreds of gullible people out of their money and nothing will happen to you.

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