US Congress leaves science agencies hanging — again

Aug 13, 2018

By Jeremy Rehm

Lawmakers in the US Congress are running out of time to pass a budget for the 2019 fiscal year, and have yet to resolve major disagreements over climate-change and environment programmes.

Although the federal government is funded through 30 September, politicians in the Senate and the House of Representatives have just 11 working days before then to reach agreement on the funding for key science agencies. The budgets of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are among those still being negotiated.

The Senate has approved two 2019 spending bills, and is expected to vote on more later this month. The House, which has adjourned for the month of August, has passed three. But the two chambers need to iron out the differences in their proposals before sending them to President Donald Trump to sign into law.

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2 comments on “US Congress leaves science agencies hanging — again

  • I think Trump is about to discover that while he has got away with wars on facts and science to some extent, he is about to experience retaliation in his war on the reputable media and press!

    If prominent figures go around with gratuitous attacks and declaring war on anyone who opposes them, there could be a widespread kick-back and push-back triggered!

    More than 300 news outlets are launching a campaign on Thursday to counter President Donald Trump’s attacks and promote a free press.

    The Boston Globe made the call last week for a nationwide denouncement of the president’s “dirty war” against the media, using the hashtag #EnemyOfNone.

    Mr Trump has derided media reports as “fake news” and attacked journalists as “enemies of the people”.

    UN experts have said this raises the risk of violence against journalists.

    The Boston Globe had pledged to write an editorial “on the dangers of the administration’s assault on the press” on 16 August, and asked others to do the same.

    The initial positive response from 100 news organisations has grown closer to 350 with major US national newspapers and smaller local outlets answering the call, along with international publications like the UK newspaper The Guardian. [ +The New York Times, The New York Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Topeka Capital-Journal, – while The Wall Street Journal declined to take part.]

    We can of course expect support for the Liar-in-Chief, from the “enemies of facts and truth”!

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  • I see that with global record temperatures, increasing droughts, floods, and wildfires, in a country with abundant opportunities to develop solar and wind generation, Australia also has terminally stupid conservatives in denial of the need for emission targets and action!

    Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says his government has abandoned plans to set an emissions reduction target in legislation.

    Mr Turnbull’s U-turn alters a key plank of his signature energy policy, and follows a revolt by conservative MPs within his government.

    It comes amid media reports that Mr Turnbull could face a leadership challenge if the issue is not resolved.

    Mr Turnbull said the climate policy was not supported by all of his colleagues.

    Mr Turnbull said he would not proceed with the emissions target – part of his National Energy Guarantee (NEG) – because it had no prospect of passing through the House of Representatives, where he has only a slim majority.

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