Catholic School Leader Resigns After Decades of Mishandling Sexual Abuse Reports

Sep 6, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

Mary Miller, the president and former principal of Presentation High School, a private Catholic school near Silicon Valley in California, has resigned after accusations that she never did enough to protect students from predator teachers.

The saga began last October when writer Kathryn Leehane wrote a personal essay for the Washington Postabout how the legal system failed her when she reported a “gropey teacher who showed me pornography” in high school. Because she reported the problem a few years after graduating, a detective said there was nothing he could do because “too much time” had passed. She eventually shared her secret with a trusted friend… who said the same teacher had sexually assaulted her.

… When [the friend] told the administration, they scared her into taking back the story.

It galvanized me. No longer attending the school, I wrote a letter to the new administration, detailing my experiences with the teacher. My hope for justice bloomed when the principal replied and asked for my permission to discuss the accusations with him. But after I gave my consent, that hope slowly withered over the next two years, as I heard nothing further and the teacher remained at the school.

While the specifics were left out of that story, the school was Presentation High and the principal was Mary Miller.

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