Maryland Taxpayers Are Paying Millions to Religious Schools Without Oversight

Sep 13, 2018

By David G. McAfee

Millions of taxpayer dollars in Maryland go to “church-exempt” schools (private schools run by churches) that get little to no government oversight, and a local news investigation revealed a multitude of problems at one school in particular. Reporter Chris Papst was tipped off by a social worker who realized students who supposedly graduated from New Spiritual Foundation Christian Academy didn’t seem to know “basic words.”

WBFF’s “Project Baltimore” noted that there are 534 church-exempt schools in Maryland, and when you see what’s happening in this one building, you have to wonder how widespread the problems are with the rest of these schools.

The school’s website suggests students obtain a quality education, and there are plenty of pictures of happy graduates, but the news team revealed a very different story when speaking with graduates. What’s more is that, before they began digging, state officials had no idea the depths of the problems.

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