Scientists: Don’t let Arizona superintendent Diane Douglas ‘sabotage’ evolution

Sep 25, 2018

By Laurie Roberts

A group of scientists – read: people who don’t believe that dinosaurs marched two-by-two into Noah’s Ark – is asking the Arizona Board of Education not to let Superintendent Diane Douglas “sabotage” the scientific literacy of our kids.

Specifically, they are asking the board to ignore Douglas, who seems determined to insert a little Sunday school into science class by casting doubt on whether evolution occurred.

So determined, in fact, that she recently asked a creationist – a guy who believes the earth is only 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs were passengers on Noah’s Ark – to look over the proposed science standards.

Yep, she did that.

Cue the collective horror of a group of Arizona university science professors, among them a recipient of The Nobel Prize.

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