Watch This Woman Call Out Her Alleged Mormon Rapist in His Own Temple

Sep 4, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

In 1984, Joseph L. Bishop, the man who ran the Mormon Church’s main Missionary Training Center, raped a woman in the center’s basement.

At least, that’s what the victim, McKenna Densonalleged in a recent lawsuit aimed at the LDS Church and Bishop himself. She claims that the Church was aware of Bishop’s “prior sexual improprieties against women” and did nothing to stop from assaulting other people.

The story came to the public’s attention this past March when audio of McKenna interviewing Bishop was posted on the site MormonLeaks (though her name wasn’t associated with the recording at the time). Under the guise of a historian, McKenna was able to sit down with him and ask about the allegations of assault, including her own. He didn’t admit to raping her, though he confessed to molesting another woman.

Since she filed her lawsuit, the Church has tried dismissing the case citing an expired statute of limitation. A couple of weeks ago, a judge employed by Brigham Young University dismissed most of McKenna’s claims.

It’s a messed up situation in so many ways.

That’s why what she did over the weekend was so incredible.

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