At Secretive Retreat, Evangelicals Celebrate Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

By Lee Fang

As the Senate prepared to vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday afternoon, evangelical Christian leaders were gathered at a secretive retreat in North Carolina to plan the conservative movement’s path forward.

The Council for National Policy, which operates covertly and brings together faith-based conservatives to discuss political strategy, was holding a planning meeting in a second-floor ballroom at the Westin hotel in Charlotte when the Senate confirmed President Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court pick by a 50-48 vote.

After a tumultuous few weeks in which Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault, the group had remained cautious until the final moments, several participants told The Intercept. Following the Senate’s procedural vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination on Friday, the CNP attendees gathered that evening during dinner to pray that victory was near.

Their prayers, it seems, were answered. Kavanaugh’s confirmation cemented a decadeslong push to cement a conservative majority on the high court, an objective long desired by the CNP.

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  1. He said every allegation “couldn’t be corroborated,” and he agreed with Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s unfounded contention that liberal billionaire George Soros was likely paying protesters on Capitol Hill.

    That’s the great thing about conspiracy theorists; the less evidence the better. You can argue about the truth or falsity of factual evidence, but when there is no evidence of any sort, it’s very hard to disprove contentions, however loony they might be.

  2. Their prayers, it seems, were answered. Kavanaugh’s confirmation cemented a decadeslong push to cement a conservative majority on the high court,
    an objective long desired by the CNP.

    Meanwhile:- Large gatherings of turkeys were enthusiastically feasting as the farmers make arrangements for their trips to participate in Christmas celebrations!

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