Atheism is illegal in Malaysia

Nov 23, 2018

I have been brought up as a methodist christian since i was young. However, one day, my dad, a non-believer, tell me something about science when I was 9 years-old, I denied religion on that night and convert into a atheist since that. I like to criticsies my christian friends on their faith and even their pastor can’t explain those unlogical theory in bible. However, because of these, I’ve being isolated by my classmates and often teesed by them. Moreover, atheism is illegal in Malaysia.


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  • Not Exactly, challenging to be atheist in Malaysia.

    My Past: I was a missionaries, I converted a few people(gullible one). I was likeable and people of my same beliefs loves me to the extend of my name will be announce in every offering section. Lately, I involved into debate validity of Islamic scriptures(Quran, Some Shahih), Hinduism(bhagavad gita, Rig-veda) and Christian fundamental text( Bible, creeds and Judaic tanakh), I get into science. I get addicted. I put God in the lab for test. Nothing happen. I record my best Christian defense in my phone and I debate over the skepticism about the validity of ANY religion.

    Setting: My previous GF is a hindu, I was a christian (hindu convert), Ihop from denominations after denomination, (including SDA,LDS and JH) It gets weirder and whacky from time to time. Because of religion, my gf’s family started a conflict with me , that costs my life and relationship. Lately, theist used this excuse , thinking I became atheist because of this pain,sorrows.

    Plot: As soon as I denounce my silly faith. Everyone left me. EVERYONE!!! You know things got really serious when people threaten you for just being free from religious’ manipulation. I lost my Job, I lost my relationship, I lost my friend and family. I still stay strong, because Science proof more than any of my faith could. Even people use the government force to threaten me.

    My Message to you: Dear friend ,  don’t be afraid. You are not alone. I am coding a social networking site (yet to be launch to server) specially for atheist. Keep me in contact, let us unite together. Remember, You are not alone. I’m atheist too, searching for atheist for forming a group, community.


    contact: In twitter, Telegram, Github: @johnmelodyme

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