Megan Hunt, a Progressive Atheist, Just Won a Seat in Nebraska’s Legislature

Nov 7, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

There were a lot of openly non-religious candidates on ballots across the nation yesterday, but one of the biggest victories got virtually no attention at all.

Megan Hunt, a progressive activist from Nebraska, easily won her race in the state’s 8th District.

While her victory — in a non-partisan race to the state’s unicameral legislature — is something to celebrate if you’re a liberal, the Freethought Equality Fund PAC also notes that she’s an atheist:

Megan Hunt is running for the Nebraska State Senate in District 8. She won the nonpartisan primary on May 15 with 56% of the vote. A small business owner, community activist, mother, and sixth-generation Nebraskan, Hunt has worked in her community to empower girls, end sexual assault and harassment, and advocate for comprehensive sex education. Running because “I don’t see enough leaders who are willing to advocate for forward-looking developments in Nebraska policy,” her policy priorities focus on reducing the brain drain in the state, funding quality public education, reforming the criminal justice system, expanding Medicaid, funding for family planning services, and investing in alternative energy sources for Nebraska. Hunt is an atheist.


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